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Accept Bitcoins with OpenCart plugin

Accept Bitcoins with OpenCart plugin

Integration Details

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  • 1. Sign up for a NOWPayments account
  • 2. Configure you store settings: specify wallet address and generate API Key
  • 3. Install OpenCart plugin

How to integrate the crypto payment gateway

  • 1. Log in into OpenCart Dasboard.
  • 2. Go to Extensions->Installer.
  • 3. Upload NOWPayments plugin using “Upload” button.
  • 4. Go to Extensions->Extensions and choose Payments in drop-down filter menu.
  • 5. Find NOWPayments , click the green “Install” button on the right.
  • 6. The click the blue “Edit” button and specify you API Key and IPN secret key and change plugin status to Enabled.
  • 7. Click save and enjoy your new plugin.

Why OpenCart

Opencart logo

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers a lot of benefits to the merchants. Here are some of them:

  • Global reach: let customers from all over the world pay you in crypto and enjoy the world-wide presence that comes with OpenCart and cross-border crypto transactions
  • Track your data: all the metrics are accessible on OpenCart and via the NOWPayments dashboard.
  • OpenCart Shipping: not only can you choose your favorite crypto payment gateway on OpenCart, but you can also decide what shipping method you prefer
  • User-friendly: it is intuitively easy to use OpenCart and its usually free add-ons, OpenCart themes and so on
  • OpenCart Extensions: there are more than 14,000 e-commerce extensions to choose and benefit from
  • Speed: the platform prides itself on its high speed
  • Multi-purpose: do you have more than one store? OpenCart allows you to manage multiple stores
  • Large community: OpenCart has a strong community and support team, so you will always be able to find answers to your questions

If you want no third parties to have access to your income, start accepting crypto payments today with NOWPayments, a completely custody-free service that is available worldwide.

To receive online payment, you need simply to integrate our plugin in a few clear steps presented below.

If you have any extra questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected]

OpenCart & Cryptocurrencies

OpenCart is a completely free, open-source e-commerce solution for your online store. It offers a helpful community, lots of add-ons to install, and even a bit of coding to give you access to tweaking tiny details. There are no limits on how many products or categories you can add to your store. You can manage multiple stores with a single dashboard, and you can take advantage of a rewards system, built-in affiliate marketing, discounts, coupons, ratings, and reviews. All for free!

If you wish to take your store to a new level and start accepting crypto payments, you should check out our OpenCart payment gateway. Add cryptocurrencies to your OpenCart payment methods and stay one step ahead of the competition! Connecting our payment service for accepting crypto payments is easy, and it will benefit from users who want their transactions secure, private, and without any third-parties!

Follow the installation instructions below to install our OpenCart payment gateway as a payment extension in your store. The installation process is simple and requires no coding. Users who choose to checkout using NOWPayments will go through a simple transaction process before completing their payment.

Benefits of the OpenCart Plugin

Our OpenCart payment gateway is great for accepting crypto payments on your online store. These transactions are fast, the fees are low, and everything is secure. NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, which means we don’t hold your money for any reason. We just re-route it to your wallet! Benefits of using our OpenCart plugin include:

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