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Benefits of the NOWPayments Zen Cart plugin

Crypto is evolving rapidly, and many companies offer their services in cryptocurrency payments today as a ZenCart alternative. We know how they work, we’ve delved into the pros and cons of each approach. This gave us a chance to introduce a service that allows for fast, secure, and flexible payments free from any tricks and non-transparent policies. Here’s how NOWPayments Zen Cart plugin works:

  • Instant payouts.

    The money that your customer pays goes directly into your wallet. We are an intermediary in this process, but we don’t touch your incomes. Your funds are fully under your control.
  • 50+ cryptocurrencies supported.

    For the crypto enthusiasts, it’s important to have many options to choose from when it comes to the currency. Crypto is a lot more that Bitcoin and Ethereum — and your customers will be happy to see a wide range of coins and tokens on your Zen Cart e-commerce site.

    However, if you only want to receive Bitcoin, we got you covered — our built-in exchange tool will let you receive the very currency that you want.

  • Fees of 0.5% and lower.

    No one likes fees. We reduced them as much as we could. Click the link to see how the fees reduce with the growth of the turnover.
  • Personal account manager.

    Want to learn more about how the plugin works, or having an issue with a payment? Your personal manager will always be in touch.

    We hope this proposal was convincing, and we welcome you to join the exciting crypto community!

Zen Cart & Cryptocurrencies

Zen Cart is shopping cart software that is preferred by thousands of merchants worldwide. It is open-source and user-friendly and allows easy integration of many Zen Cart plugins to set an optimal Zen Cart payment gateway.

With most of the gateways accepting Visa and MasterCard, there is one other solution for Zen Cart e-commerce that adds up to the traditional means of payment. It allows you to reach out to new customers who are somewhat skeptical about traditional paying methods and Zen Cart payment modules.

These customers hold cryptocurrency and are extremely grateful to every Zen Cart online shop that is accepting crypto. This gives them the opportunity to reduce using traditional money which they, in most part, are trying to do.

Install the NOWPayments Zen Cart Bitcoin plugin and get new customers who are willing to pay in crypto. This Zen Cart integration takes minutes to install and will bring you lots of new profits in return. Of course, you can use our plugin in addition to the other Zen Cart modules that accept traditional money.

How to accept cryptocurrency on Zen Cart?

For doing so, go through a quick registration on NOWPayments, download the Zen Cart payment plugin from this page, and set it up according to the steps described. The whole process will take you minutes — we’ve made a solution that you don’t have to be an IT professional to deal with. In case you have questions regarding the installation process, contact our support, we will help you right away.

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