Accept Tether Payments

NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that lets you accept Tether payments and donations in an easy and convenient way. Try this Tether payment gateway NOW!

  • Accept anything: 300+ cryptocurrencies supported
  • Let your customers pay with anything: Auto coin conversion
  • Explore many tools: API, plugins, invoices, donation tools and customized solutions
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Accept Tether Payments

What is Tether (USDT OMNI) payment?

Tether payment allows customers to buy goods and services using the USDT OMNI stablecoin. Tether is the most popular stablecoin, which is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. At the moment, stablecoin Tether is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

Thanks to Tether as a means of payment, you can significantly increase the number of customers, stand out from the competitors, save on transaction costs as well as avoid the volatility. In addition, you can make almost instant transfers, not depending on banking systems.

How does Tether payment work?

You want to
accept crypto for
goods and services

NOWPayments offers 16 merchant tools allowing to implement crypto payments on any website, service and brick&mortar store.

chooses to pay
with crypto

NOWPayments will give your customers the list on 300+ cryptocurrencies they can use to pay for goods and services.

We generate
a payment

We calculate the price in the selected cryptocurrency and provide payment details for the customer.

You receive profit
directly to your
personal wallet

Once we have processed the payment, we automatically exchange it if needed and send it directly to your personal wallet.

Why accept Tether

Tether is a fast payment instrument with a stable exchange rate. The high volatility of cryptocurrencies often scares merchants away. However, given that the USDT OMNI rate is stable, you are safe. By implementing a USDT OMNI payment gateway on your website, you can get rid of high transaction costs, and also attract potential customers.

  • Low transaction costs
  • Stability and reliability
  • Your funds are sent directly to your wallet

How to accept Tether payments?

First, you need to sign up for a NOWPayments account. The process shouldn’t take more than a minute!
Go to Store settings. Add your Tether wallet and create a new API key.
Choose the tool to add to your checkout.
The integration will be active on your website, and you’re ready to accept payments in Tether!

import axios from 'axios';
    params: {
      amount: 100,
      currency_from: 'USD',
      currency_to: 'USDT OMNI',
    headers: { 'x-api-key': 'your_api_key' },
  .then((response) => {

Tether payment methods

Payments: API, payment plugins, invoices
Payouts: Mass payments API
Donations: Donation button, widget or link
Custom Solutions: Casino

More about Tether payments

  • Sign up
  • Enter your Tether address
  • Create an API key
  • Choose your method of integration: API, plugins, invoices or a donation button, donation widget or a donation link
  • Add the payment method to your checkout!
  • Accept Tether!
Tether payment gateway is a cryptocurrency payment processor via which you can accept USDT OMNI on your website for your goods or services.
It is a way for you to receive Tether payments for your products and services. It can be done via API, ecommerce plugins, invoices and so on.
You can pay at Amazon with USDT OMNI using gift cards, for example, Coinsbee.
You can pay with Tether at such big companies as, Pornhub, and STAX.
No, PayPal does not take Tether.
Yes you can, NOWPayments offers a crypto-to-fiat solution.
You can fill out a form in your NOWPayments account to request fiat withdrawals and cash out Tether.
Yes, you can.
You need to have a Tether wallet from which you will be able to send Tether payments. Just copy the address or scan the QR code and send the required amount.
Tether payments are secure and transparent.
You can create a customized donation link and place it anywhere you want. For your website, you can use a Tether donation button or widget.
Yes, you can. Use a Tether payment gateway, NOWPayments, to accept Tether.
It depends on your jurisdiction.
The time it takes for Tether (USDT) to transfer can vary based on various factors. Here are some general guidelines:
Same Blockchain Transfers: Transferring Tether between wallets on the same blockchain platform typically takes minutes. Factors like network congestion and gas fees can influence the transaction speed.
Cross-Blockchain Transfers: Transferring Tether between different blockchain platforms may take longer due to additional steps and verification processes. These transfers can take minutes to hours, depending on the specific blockchain platforms involved and the current network conditions.
Large Transfer Amounts: Transferring a larger amount of Tether may require additional verification processes for compliance with regulatory requirements, potentially resulting in longer processing times.
Network Congestion: High network congestion can impact the speed of Tether transfers. During periods of congestion with a high volume of transactions, it may take longer for transfers to be included in a block and confirmed.
Overall, Tether transfers are generally fast, but factors such as network congestion, transfer amount, and cross-blockchain transfers can influence the speed of the transaction. It is important to consider these factors to manage transfer expectations and make informed decisions.
When making a transaction through NOWPayments, take into account that the following Tether fees will be applied:
  • Network Fees: Factors influencing network fees include transaction size, network congestion, and choice of blockchain network. For example, the Ethereum network tends to have higher fees than other networks.
  • Merchant fee: The fee may differ depending on the merchant you’re working with.
  • NOWPayments Service Fees: The service fees range from 0.5% to 1%, depending on the transaction flow chosen by your merchant.
NOWPayments offers an API that enables the integration of USDT payments into various platforms, allowing businesses to integrate Tether (USDT) payments and donations in an easy and convenient way.
The API provides the functionality to estimate transaction amounts, process payments, and create customized payment solutions for websites and various services.
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