On-ramp: Combine
Flexibility and Tradition

Receive fiat payments from users and withdraw directly to your wallet in any of 300+ cryptocurrencies.

<span class='icon'></span>On-ramp: <span class='color'>Combine <br/>Flexibility and Tradition</span>
<span class='icon'></span>On-ramp: <span class='color'>Combine <br/>Flexibility and Tradition</span>

Simplifying Payments for Businesses

Activate fiat on-ramp operations for your account and unlock numerous benefits:

Top privacy
Unlock seamless onboarding with minimal KYB verification. Empower your customers to effortlessly deposit up to €700 without the hassle of extensive KYC verification.
<span>Top</span> privacy
Accessible payments
Offer a wide range of payment methods, from global standards like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Revolut Pay to regional favourites, offering flexibility and catering to your customer base.
<span>Accessible</span> payments
Global coverage
Accommodate a global clientele around 175+ countries with support for over 25 fiat currencies, making cross-border transactions a breeze.
<span>Global</span> coverage
Customized for you
Tailor the on-ramp experience to your specific needs, as we are open to integrating new payment methods and other features based on your unique requirements.
<span>Customized</span> for you
Seamless activation
Set up your account in less than a minute, request on-ramp activation from us, and start accepting payments instantly.
<span>Seamless</span> activation
Auto withdrawals
Set up auto settlements and withdraw your earnings anytime in any of 300+ cryptocurrencies.
<span>Auto</span> withdrawals

Globally trusted

Our mission is to foster the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing a trusted and seamless platform. With the trust of thousands of partners from around the world, we are dedicated to contributing to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.
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Increase Your Income with NOWPayments

Utilize an extensive array of ready-to-use tools within your partner dashboard and API to effortlessly boost your earnings.

Crypto payments
Accept payments in over 300+ crypto assets with only a 0.5% service fee. Take the fee out of the received amount or delegate it to your customers.
Crypto payments
Off-ramp payouts
Don't rely on market volatility and receive your earnings in traditional fiat while enabling users to pay in crypto.
Off-ramp payouts
Affiliate program
Become our affiliate partner and earn from your referrals’ transaction volume. You get 25% of NOWPayments’ profit from the commission fee.
Affiliate program
Mass Payouts
Streamline your crypto payouts for cashback, airdrops, or affiliate rewards with ease and efficiency, saving you both time and money. Execute mass transactions in just a few clicks.
Mass Payouts
Off-chain conversions
Optimize your transaction flow with Custody. Save on fees and accumulate funds for cost-effective withdrawals.
Off-chain conversions
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