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up to 7.9
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Accept Bitcoins with WHMCS plugin


  • 1. Sign up for a NOWPayments account
  • 2. Configure you store settings: specify wallet address and generate API Key

Installation Process

  • 1. First, you need to open your WHMCS root folder and upload the contents from the upload directory.
  • 2. If this was done correctly, you should end up with 2 files in these paths (relative to WHMCS root folder): modules/gateways/nowpayments.php modules/gateways/callback/nowpayments.php
  • 3. Then, you need to put the ‘nowpayments’ folder into the modules/gateways directory.

    In the WHMCS the installation process follows 4 simple steps:

    • Log into your WHMCS admin panel and click the button that says “Setup, Payments, Payment Gateways”;
    • Then, in the “Activate Module” dropdown, select “NOWPayments” and click the Activate button;
    • After that, in the NOWPayments configuration form and enter your API Key and your IPN Secret (from My Account -> Edit Settings.);
    • To finish up the process, click 'Save Changes' and you are good to go!


If your web store is built on the WHMCS marketplace, congratulations - you’ve just found your perfect tool to accept cryptocurrency payments!

Accepting payments in crypto was probably the best choice you’ve made for your business - crypto transactions are much easier to process in comparison to fiat ones.

And, choosing NOWPayments, in addition to simplicity you are also getting extra safety.

We are a non-custodial service, so no intermediaries have access to your funds - what you’ve earned with all that hard work will be sent directly to your wallet.

All it takes to integrate our plugin is a few steps that any newbie can make. They are all listed below, no need to look any further.

In case of any issues, you are always welcome to contact our support team at [email protected]

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