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Accept Bitcoin with Shopware Payment Gateway

Accept Bitcoin with Shopware Payment Gateway

Integration Details

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  • Sign up for a NOWPayments account
  • Configure you store settings: specify your wallet address and generate an API Key
  • Generate an IPN key
  • Download the Shopware plugin. It can also be found in the Shopware store or in the Plugin Manager in your Shopware Backend

Installation Process

  1. Install the Shopware plugin and Activate it
  2. Go to Plugins >> Configuration and enter your NOWPayments API key and the IPN URL.
  3. Click “Save”
  4. Go to Sales, find payment methods and select “NOW payment” as a default payment method
  5. Save everything
  6. Create a test order with our Payment Gateway
  7. Complete the payment

Perks of accepting crypto using Shopware

Bitcoin and other cryptos are appealing Shopware payment alternatives. Learn how Shopware ecommerce stores can benefit from what NOWPayments has to offer:

Shopware & Cryptocurrencies

With the Shopware CMS integration, you can add an innovative and popular payment option to the Shopware ecommerce platform that can help you boost your income.

Cryptocurrency has low fees, global reach and is secure and transparent. By accepting crypto as one of the Shopware payment methods, you attract new customers and open up a whole new income venue.

NOWPayments offers you a simple plugin to start accepting cryptocurrency right away. Add NOWPayments to the other Shopware CMS that you use and start getting money from your customers right into your crypto wallet.

How to accept cryptocurrency on Shopware?

Installing a NOWPayments plugin is as simple as dealing with other easy-to-use Shopware apps and Shopware extensions. Sign up with NOWPayments, download the plugin from this page, and follow the instructions. In just a few clicks, you will get a working Shopware plugin in addition to your other Shopware payment gateways. Got any issues during your setup process? Contact our support, and we will help you with any question.

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