Accept Crypto with ECWID Payment Gateway

The only thing you need is a NOWPayments account, a crypto wallet, and an API key to use the plugin for ECWID. All the integration process takes is a few simple steps that are listed below. Try it now and we promise, you’ll never look back!
Integration Details
Version 1.1.1
Last Updated: 2021-12-15
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Accept crypto on Ecwid

How to start accepting crypto on Ecwid

  1. Sign up for a NOWPayments account
  2. Add your crypto wallet address and generate API Key
  3. Install Ecwid plugin
  4. Get profit

How to install Ecwid plugin

  1. Log in into your ECWID private cabinet
  2. Go through the link and Install Ecwid plugin
  3. Set your API-key
  4. Save changes

What crypto can you accept with Ecwid?

Why accept crypto with Ecwid?

100+ coins and
                        100+ coins and
No chargebacks
and banking fees
                        No chargebacks
and banking fees

Ecwid — a crypto-friendly e-commerce platform

Ecwid e-commerce platform allows you to open an online store on an existing website in a few simple steps. This can be either your website or any online marketplace, blog, or social network. To run your Ecwid online store, you only need to sign up, choose your platform, and set your products — that easy! In several minutes, you get a fully functioning online store that is well-designed and easy to manage.
Ecwid serves small and medium-sized merchants best. It is completely free to use — the Ecwid website says the service has put free trials on trial, and you can keep your free account for as long as you want. There are absolutely no Ecwid transaction fees for the merchant and the buyer. The platform is used in 175 countries and is trusted by 200k+ merchants worldwide.
Ecwid payment options include Ecwid payment gateways and the plugins by trusted partners. NOWPayments is one of them — install the plugin now and enjoy making profits in cryptocurrency!

Ecwid & Cryptocurrencies

How are online merchants losing their money?
The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing, and so is the number of people who prefer crypto Ecwid payment gateways while shopping online. In the meantime, the number of Ecwid online stores that accept crypto is yet very small. Thus, many people are ready to give away their money to the Ecwid e-commerce platform based stores but simply don’t have an opportunity to do so.
Many merchants are skeptical about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, and they are constantly losing profits. The amounts of their losses rise every day.
We offer you a simple way to raise the profits from your Ecwid online store. Install a NOWPayments plugin on the Ecwid website in a few simple steps and start accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. By doing so, you will expand your customer base, increase your brand loyalty with the NOWPayment — Ecwid integration, and not miss your piece of the cryptocurrency pie.

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