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What CMS does NOWPayments support?

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What CMS does NOWPayments support?

With NOWPayments, you can start accepting cryptocurrency in your online store based on PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS and Shopify.

For each of these e-commerce CMS, we offer a plugin that will enable a cryptocurrency payment gateway in your store — install it and let your customers enjoy paying you with crypto! Plugins for Ecwid and Zen Cart will be also available soon.

Each of these plugins takes about 10 minutes to install and doesn’t require any tech skills to manage. For detailed (yet short) instructions, follow the links above or simply contact us — we will walk you through!

Why should I accept cryptocurrency in my store?

The crypto world counts around 100 million users worldwide, and most of them have entered the game only in the recent 3-4 years. They are spread around the globe, and whatever is your country, there’s certainly many people around you who prefer paying in crypto and will be grateful to you if you give them such an opportunity.

Be among the first to start accepting crypto today, and in 10 years when everyone starts doing it, you’ll be an experienced crypto enthusiast who hasn’t missed the opportunity to start making profits as early as possible!

In this FAQ, learn about the other compelling reasons to accept cryptocurrency, and how crypto payment gateways work.

Here, see what happens if you decide to accept crypto but instead of setting up a gateway, simply display your Bitcoin address in your online store (a spoiler: it’s no good!).

Why should I use NOWPayments?

We do instant payouts — when a customer sends you the money, it lands in your wallet in no longer than 5 minutes. We never store your funds, support 70+ cryptocurrencies and swap them at competitive rates. Our fees are 0.5% and lower, and we support fiat conversion. If these sound compelling, find more reasons to use NOWPayments here.

OK! What should I do now?

Feel free to learn more about the plugins — here they are again: PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS. If you have a specific question or just feel like a human conversation — reach out to us at [email protected].

Remember that before installing a plugin, it’s good to set up your account — this will take you minutes. See here how to do that most quickly.

Besides CMS plugins, NOWPayments has a lot to offer — invoices, API integration, mass payouts, and more. To view the deal, follow here.

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