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Why do I need NOWPayments, if I can simply place my BTC address on my website?

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Why do I need NOWPayments, if I can simply place my BTC address on my website?

Let’s say you decided not to use a crypto payment gateway and simply placed your Bitcoin address on your online store. Here’s how it will look like, and how NOWPayments solves each of these problems:

  1. You will have to count every item’s price in Bitcoin according to the current rate. Given that the BTC price can drop or gain 25%+ within one week, you’ll have to constantly change the pricing for hundreds of items manually to keep your buyers interested. NOWPayments counts the price automatically according to a price in USD that you set.
  2. You will only accept 1-5 currencies, otherwise, your website interface will be unbearably cluttered with these long wallet addresses by every item. With NOWPayments, you can accept 70+ cryptocurrencies without any harm to your interface.
  3. You will have to manage many crypto wallets at a time if you want to accept multiple assets. In NOWPayments, you will see all payments’ details in one place.
  4. If you want to only receive Bitcoin, you won’t be able to accept other cryptocurrencies. In NOWPayments, you can set a Bitcoin wallet and accept dozens of other cryptocurrencies: we will swap them at competitive rates.
  5. You will receive dozens of anonymous transactions every day without any connection with the purchased items , so you won’t know who paid for what. In NOWPayments, you’ll have payment IDs that will help you navigate your orders.
  6. You won’t have any tools to monitor transaction statuses — if anything goes wrong with a payment, you may get lost. NOWPayments always keeps you updated on what’s happening with each of the payments.

Install NOWPayments and you will never face these problems — your experience with crypto payments will be smooth and trustworthy.

To see what integration options we offer, see here.

How does NOWPayments work? — see in this FAQ.

Have doubts?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about the cryptocurrency payment gateway and how it works.

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