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What are your fees?

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What are your fees?

NOWPayments has transaction fees and exchange fees.

Transaction fee is a small sum that we charge from each transaction passing through your NOWPayments account. Its size depends on your turnover volume — the more it is, the less you pay:

VolumeTransaction fee
0-49 BTC/month0.5%
50 BTC/month0.45%
100 BTC/month0.4%
200 BTC/monthSpecial offer, contact us for details

Exchange fee. If the currency that you accept is the same as the one your customers pay in, we don’t charge anything but the transaction fee. Sometimes these currencies are different: say, your client pays you in ETH while you want to accept BTC. In this case, we automatically swap one crypto to another. For doing this, our exchange service provider ChangeNOW charges an extra 0.5%, which is the exchange fee. So, in the case of a transaction with the crypto swap included, the overall fee is up to 1%.

Fixed rate exchange. In most cases, swapping crypto takes about 5-10 minutes. Since the crypto market is volatile, the prices can go up or down during the exchange, and you may get a little more or a little less at the finish. To protect yourself from the potential losses, contact us to set the fixed rate exchange option — it freezes the rate for the entire exchange, and you get exactly as much as promised. In this case, you will pay 1% for each transaction with a crypto swap regardless of your turnover volume.

Please note that besides the own NOWPayments’ fees, every crypto transaction irrespective of the platform implies a small network fee — money paid to the blockchain to help it run. Don’t worry: in most cases, this commission is extremely small. Its size depends on the particular coin and the market situation, but in general, a network fee won’t add much to NOWPayment’s fees.

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