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Where are my funds stored?

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Where are my funds stored?

NOWPayments is a non-custodial service: with our crypto payment processing, we don’t store your funds and never have private keys to any of your wallets. (If our partners request it, we can enable the partial custody feature for them).

When you start using NOWPayments, you enter your Outcome Wallet, and the funds will go straight:

all payments in one table

Note the difference between the deposit and the outcome addresses.

When your customers pay, the address they see is not yet the one you’ve set — it’s a deposit NOWPayments address that helps us do the following:

  • Track the payments: if the funds from the customer are delayed, we will always be ready to tell you why this happened and when you will receive them.
  • Process the payments: detect the transaction and proceed with the exchange if required.
  • Exchange funds: if you’ve set a BTC wallet and a customer pays to you in ETH, we will exchange the funds before they land into your wallet.

When the funds from the customer are received, the system sends them to your wallet immediately and automatically without any further storage. This doesn’t cause delays or any extra fees.

Have a question?

Contact our support to learn more about the funds’ pathway on NOWPayments. We are available 24/7.

Wondering where to store crypto? Check out this article on crypto wallets.

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