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What is NOWPayments? How does NOWPayments work?

NOWPayments supports 75+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and many altcoins, also stablecoins (if you’d like to try and avoid volatility).

New coins are added every month.

Follow the link to see the whole list.

NOWPayments is a non-custodial service: with our crypto payment processing, we don’t store your funds and never have private keys to any of your wallets. (If our partners request it, we can enable the partial custody feature for them).

When you start using NOWPayments, you enter your Outcome Wallet, and the funds will go straight:

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Crypto, when compared to traditional fiat methods, offers much lower fees and is perfect for international transactions. NOWPayments has the lowest fees on the crypto market - 0,5% transaction fee + 0,5% exchange fee (if exchange is needed).

NOWPayments also helps save precious time by helping you integrate and resources by helping with marketing.

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What CMS does NOWPayments support?

NOWPayments was launched by ChangeNOW in 2019, and since then NOWPayments has developed into an independent payment gateway, while preserving most close partnership connections with ChangeNOW. Learn more about our partnership here.

We do have a blog. Learn all about coins, tokens, why accept crypto and what big companies have already integrated crypto payments. Read about all the fun stuff you can do with crypto and get in touch with us if there is any topic you want us to cover.

Check out our blog here.

We operate globally, except for in the territories specified in our user agreement.

Learn more here.

NOWPayments is decentralized (like crypto is), with offices in the Netherlands and Estonia, and the team working from all over the world.

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We are here for you 24/7. Reach us by mail or hit us up on social media, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube. Write to our team members here.

When it comes to processing crypto payments, there are two types of fees to consider: service fees and network fees (gas fees).

Service Fees. NOWPayments’ service fee is fixed:

  • 0.5% for payments without exchange
  • 1% for multi-currency payments, Fixed rate payments and “fee paid by user” payments.
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