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I want to integrate NOWPayments, what should I do?

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I want to integrate NOWPayments, what should I do?

Install our tools to start accepting crypto payments, donations, or to do mass payouts. The type of integration will depend on your platform and your goal — see below to find what option fits you best! And don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions at [email protected]

Accept payments in crypto

Plugins — for e-shops based on e-commerce platforms

When you install the plugin, you get a new payment option in your online store: it will simply add to the existing ones. Your users will see it when they proceed to checkout.

We offer plugins for PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento 2, and WHMCS. You can install all these without any technical knowledge, this will only take you a few minutes. Click the links to find detailed instructions, or simply contact us for personal guidance!

plugin button

API — native-looking payment gateway

API offers customized payments integration into your website, platform, or mobile app. We provide instant payment notifications (IPN) and support using several payments for one order (e.g. a part in BTC and a part in ETH).

Try our Sandbox first to check out the API experience. Here, you can test everything without sending real money: we just emulate a real-like flow of payment.

Click here for the API docs and the complete installation guide, or reach out to us and we’ll walk you through the process!

Invoice — quick payments for any type of online or offline store

An invoice is a small panel where you put all the information about the payment: price, currency, and address. Now it’s all gathered in one place, and your customer only has to scan the QR code. This will bring them right to their wallet, where the currency and the sum will already be set.


You don’t need to undergo any integration processes to create an invoice.

Just sign up, enter your wallet address, create an API key and generate an invoice - all in your account. You can also use it for your offline business - contact us at [email protected], and we’ll help right away!

With the invoice ready, simply send the link directly to your customer. Find a quick installation guide here.

Accept donations in cryptocurrency

If you’re involved in any non-profit activity and need some financial support, these tools are for you. Put the donation widget or button on your website, blog, or streaming service — now, your supporters will have an opportunity to donate crypto to you in just a few clicks.

Accept donations in cryptocurrency

Same as invoices or plugins, donation tools can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes.

Find the options and the setup guide here. You can also accept donations on Twitch, on YouTube via donation links and any other platform. We are always ready to come up with customized solutions for you - just contact us, and we’ll get on it immediately.

Mass payouts in crypto

Send freelance commissions, affiliate rewards, or employee payrolls to multiple addresses in one single click. Here’s how it works:

  1. Deposit funds into your account, specify the addresses and the amounts. This will bring your money to the NOWPayments Liquidity Wallet.
  2. Once you’re all set, we will send out the money right away.

There are no limits for the number of addresses and the assets you want to pay in. Mass payouts are based on our API — check out the docs and contact us to help you integrate!

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