NOWPayments crypto Billing allows merchants to manage the financial flow between its account and users' deposits automatically. Bill your customers individually based on the amount of their consumption or performance.
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How to start

Sign up for a
NOWPayments account
Add your crypto wallet address
and generate an API key.
Integrate with
Billing API.

How it works

  1. Create sub-accounts for your users.
  2. Fund them with payments or from your master account.
  3. Withdraw funds from sub-accounts to your master account.
  4. Transfer the funds between your sub-accounts.

Why use billing service in crypto?

Individual approach to regular payments: charge or pay your customers every time as much as you wish
Automatically managed payment flow: once users are subscribed to your service, no need to get your customers involved in further payments
White-label solution: manage your payments without letting your customers know you are using NOWPayments
Increased customer base: start to accept payments from anywhere in the world
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