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What is NOWPayments?

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What is NOWPayments? is the leading crypto payment gateway allowing all kinds of eCommerce to accept crypto as a payment or donation globally. The service has 70+ cryptos and fiat conversion available. It is fully non-custodial, doesn’t hold any limits, and has the most competitive fees on the market.

Whether you want to accept payments in crypto for your business, or crypto donations for your project, or conduct mass payouts - NOWPayments is here for you and ready to come up with a customized decision made specifically for you and perfect for your needs.

The number of crypto users worldwide exceeds 100 million. These are regular people: they shop, order services, watch movies. But for a list of reasons, they prefer paying for these in cryptocurrency. Some are even so crypto enthusiastic that they only choose the services with the option of crypto payments, trying to eliminate the use of traditional money.

As infers, there is a huge number of people who prefer paying the services that accept cryptocurrency. Accepting only fiat results in losing money. NOWPayments allows you not to miss this category of customers and provides them with a simple tool to pay you in cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

  1. Let’s say you have a Bitcoin wallet. After you sign up on NOWPayments, set this Bitcoin address as your outcome wallet — the money from every Bitcoin payment by your customers will go there.
  2. Now, choose the integration format, or simply reach out to us — we will help you find the best tool and help you install it.
    • If you have an e-shop based on an e-commerce platform like OpenCart or WooCommerce, a payment plugin is for you,
    • If you run a tailor-made online store or platform, integrate our API to make the payment gateway look native in your interface, or simply use invoices,
    • If you are a blogger, a streamer, an artist, or a charity organization, choose a donation widget or button so that your followers and supporters could help you fundraise.

    You don’t need any tech knowledge to install a plugin, invoice, and donation tools, and the whole process will take you just a few minutes. API crypto payment processor is more customizable and thus a little more specific on a technical note, but we do provide detailed instructions.

  3. After you’ve chosen the integration format and installed it, a cryptocurrency payment processor will appear on your website. Now, your customers will be offered to choose the currency and proceed to their wallet to make the payment.
  4. Once they do it, the money will go straight into your wallet — we don’t store it anywhere in between. And since the payment has started, you can monitor its status in your Account.

What makes Bitcoin payment processing through NOWPayments convenient?

  • Instant payouts. For the user, the payment is finished in 10 seconds, and the merchant gets their funds within 5 minutes maximum.
  • Non-custodial solution. This means we don’t store your funds at any moment. It goes from your customer directly to you. Thus, you don’t have to worry that we are a third-party holding your funds — they are completely safe because in your hands.
  • 70+ cryptocurrencies supported. The biggest range of supported crypto assets (see the list here) when compared to other crypto payment gateways. Each month, we add new coins, and establish partnerships with their foundations to help our customers reach new clients.
  • Auto coin conversion. Some of your customers may want to do cryptocurrency payments in Ethereum, some in Dash, while you may prefer accepting Bitcoin as payment. They can pay you in any currency, and you will always receive the one you’ve set — we use built-in exchange infrastructure to instantly swap between different assets. It also means no additional commissions, greater speeds and more coins available.
  • The lowest fees on the market: 0.5% and lower. The bigger your turnover — the less you pay. Find our detailed pricing FAQ here.
  • The lowest minimum payments. The minimum depends on the market and the cryptocurrency pair.
  • Fiat-crypto and crypto-to-fiat options available. You can receive payments in crypto and withdraw fiat, and the other way around. Check out fiat conversion here.
  • Advanced support and a personal account manager . Besides the support team, you will be able to resolve any issues or questions with one person the whole way through.
  • Customized solutions. We can prepare a special solution that would fit your specific needs. Check out our Casino payments, Mass payments and Twitch donations tools.

OK! How do I start?

First, sign up, add your crypto wallet and create an API key. Then you can choose the form of integration depending on your needs. Here’s the guide. It has all the links inside — once you choose your payment tool, simply click the link, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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