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How does NOWPayments work?

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How does NOWPayments work?

Let’s say you have an online marketplace and want to start accepting crypto payments. Here’s the question you might ask: isn’t it convenient and secure enough to just mention my Bitcoin address, set the price, and the customer will pay directly to my wallet without any intermediaries?

You’re right: if it were that simple, you wouldn’t need a service like ours. But here’s how it goes in reality and how we make crypto payments seamless:

  • We organize all payments in one table. You have dozens or hundreds of cryptocurrency payments every day. Imagine this many in your BTC wallet without any marks: this would be pure chaos! NOWPayments relates each Bitcoin payment to the concrete customer and their purchase: Payment and Order IDs systematize the money flow.
    Since every payment is attached to a concrete item in your store, you can see the amount sent by the customer and if it fits the original price: all payments in one table
  • Track the payment at the Status section: sometimes certain blockchains get congested and payments take more time. Here, we keep you updated on what’s happening. If you choose to integrate our API to make a native-looking payment gateway, you can use the Instant Payment Notifications tool: we will notify you once a transaction has passed through.
  • Crypto swaps. You customers may prefer paying to you with Litecoin or Dash, while for you, say, accepting Bitcoin as payment is the only option. Not a problem: we have a built-in crypto exchange tool that swaps the customers’ coins before they land in your wallet. This Bitcoin payment processing is automated and doesn’t need any extra action on your side.
  • Track the stats. In your dashboard, you can see how many payments you’ve had today, this month, and all time. This may be especially helpful if you use one crypto wallet for several purposes and payments from different destinations mix up. Download the statistics from your Account to access them offline in an Excel sheet.
  • If you’re new to crypto, we will help you catch up . The world of crypto looks extremely sophisticated at first sight, and setting crypto payments all by yourself may be challenging. We’re ready to support you along the way: your personal account manager will walk you through the whole process, our strong support team is available 24/7 for any questions or issues, and our blog is designed to serve those who want to understand the world of crypto.

This is what we do. But what are the integration options and pricing, and what’s the way to start? Find more info about the tools we offer and the perks of using NOWPayments in this FAQ, or go straight to the installation guides — learn how to accept Bitcoin right there!

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