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Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Crypto on Shopify

Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Crypto on Shopify

Integration Details

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How to Set up


  • 1. Sign up for a NOWPayments account
  • 2. Configure you store settings: specify your wallet address and generate an API key
  • 3. Go to your Shopify store

Installation Process

  • 1. Go to your Shopify “Apps”, click “Manage Apps” and “Create a Private App”
  • 2. Enter the App name and the developer's email
  • 3. In “Admin API permissions”, give a “Read and Write” permission to Orders and click “Save”
  • 4. Click “Create” and Copy the Example URL from the Admin API section.
  • 5. Go to your NOWPayments Account > Account Settings > Shopify and and paste the Example URL from Shopify.
  • 6. Click “Connect to Shopify”
  • 7. Copy the “Additional script
  • 8. Go to your Shopify Settings > Checkout > Order processing > Additional Scripts and paste the script (including the opening and closing tag script ). Click “Save”
  • 9. Go to Shopify Settings > Payment Providers > Manual Payment Methods. Add a Custom payment method called “Pay in crypto with NOWPayments” and Activate it“
  • NB! The payment method should only be called “Pay in crypto with NOWPayments”

All the integration process takes is a few simple steps that are listed below. Try us now and we promise, you’ll never look back!

In case of any issues, you are always welcome to contact our support team.

Benefits of the Shopify Plugin

The benefits of cryptocurrency payments include: global reach, low fees, privacy and security. NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, which means we don’t hold your funds, but transfer them directly to your wallet.

Our Shopify payment gateway provides the following benefits:

Shopify & Cryptocurrencies

Shopify is an ecommerce platform where business-owners can sell their products or services. The number of Shopify merchants is over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 different countries.

Shopify offers online business-owners a vast array of services including payments, marketing, shipping and others.

There are various Shopify plugins that help optimize an e-commerce store by adding new features to your site, which can increase the conversion rate and provide a seamless customer experience.

One of such plugins is our Shopify payment gateway. This adds a new checkout option for your Shopify store that allows you to start accepting crypto payments. Your customers will be able to easily use your services as they would need to just enter their wallet info for completing the transaction. Bitcoin payments are secure, fast, and private. Tech-savvy customers love crypto payments, and it shows how your store is technologically advanced!

The only thing you need is a NOWPayments account, a wallet, and an API key to use for Shopify. Then, you only need to follow the installation process to start accepting crypto payments! It’s time to consider cryptocurrencies as a valuable asset that can replace fiat currencies.

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