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How to add a crypto wallet?

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How to add a crypto wallet?

Adding a cryptocurrency wallet to your Account is the first thing to do after signing up for NOWPayments. When you start accepting payments, all the funds will go to this (or these) wallet(s).

To add a wallet, go to the Store Settings section of the Account:

Reset password button

Scroll down to the Outcome Wallet section:

Reset password button

Now, follow the steps:

  1. Click “Add another wallet”.
  2. Select the currency and paste the wallet address from your cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Click the green check mark on the right to add the wallet.
  4. Click “Save”.

Great! Now, you’re almost ready to start accepting cryptocurrency.

How many wallets can I add?

NOWPayments supports over 70 cryptocurrencies, and you can add one address for each cryptocurrency. See the complete list of supported assets here.

If I set multiple wallets, where will I receive the funds?

The cryptocurrencies will go into the respective wallet you entered for each of them. If there is no wallet present for a crypto - the funds will go to the first wallet you entered which is considered the main one.

You can specify this while setting up your integration and change the wallets you entered.

If you only set one wallet and customers pay you in another currency, we will exchange the coins and send them to the wallet you’ve specified.

What types of wallets do you support?

All hot and cold wallets, including hardware ones. If you want to use your ZCash wallet, make sure to set the transparent address (t-address).

What next?

Once you’ve set the wallet, create an API key. You will use it later to install the crypto payment gateway tools, and it will help us track all the payments and update you on their status.

Here, find the complete guide on setting up your Account and the description for each of its parts.

Need help adding a wallet?

Feel free to contact our support. We are available 24/7.

You can also check out this list of cryptocurrency wallets.

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