How to Accept Recurring Crypto Invoices in SHIB?

The SHIB investors constitute a lucrative market for businesses looking to benefit from crypto payments. The number of SHIB holders is steadily rising and nowadays has reached the mark of more than 1.2 million. The easy setup process, peer-to-peer transactions, and unlimited use are some other advantages provided by SHIB payments. NOWPayments’ recurring crypto invoicing is an excellent way to feature SHIB as a payment method. This solution makes it possible for merchants to automatically send custom invoices to their clients and receive payments in SHIB via them. The recurring crypto invoicing feature is versatile, as it lets merchants integrate it with different types of business models, especially the subscription-based one.

How to Accept Recurring Crypto Invoices in SHIB?

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What Is Shiba Inu Token?

Shiba Inu is based on the concept of total decentralization. It is dependent on the efforts of Shiba’s devoted followers, who support their favorite project in various ways. Shiba Inu’s native currency, SHIB, was originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Ryoshi, the genius behind SHIB, picked the Ethereum network because it is a safe and well-established platform that is continually advancing its technology. Still, today, SHIB also has a presence on the BNB Smart Chain. The multi-chain nature of SHIB makes it a great asset for users who utilize both networks.

Benefits of Recurring Crypto Invoicing API by NOWPayments

Non-custodial payment processing

Non-custodial payment processing

NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, meaning that it does not have custody over users’ funds. In other words, when NOWPayments processes a payment, it instantly sends the payment amount to the merchant without storing the sum in its own wallet.

This feature is also utilized in the recurring crypto invoicing tool. When you integrate NOWPayments’ recurring invoicing, NOWPayments quickly handles all the payments made by your customers in crypto and then transfers them straight to your payout address. The entire process takes no more than a couple of minutes, depending on the coin used in the transaction.

150+ payment options

150+ payment options

SHIB is not the only cryptocurrency that you can accept as a payment method via NOWPayments. The recurring crypto invoicing feature lets you feature as many cryptocurrencies supported by NOWPayments as you wish. Thus, you can enable your clients to conduct payments in a cryptocurrency of their choice.

A wider selection of cryptocurrency payment options can help you target different crypto communities, from Bitcoin to Shiba Inu. This means that you will potentially have more prospective clients, as holders of these coins will have the ability to pay for your service with their crypto.

Low processing fee and free integration

Low processing fee

Another advantage of NOWPayments’ recurring crypto invoicing API is the low fee. NOWPayments charges users a fixed fee of 0.5% per every transaction it processes. Overall, the total amount paid in fees is quite negligible and it does not have any significant effect on the payment sum received by the business.

Additionally, when using NOWPayments, you can always configure the fee to be paid by the client rather than by you. This way, you will be able to save a little more and receive the payment in its entirety. Still, it is important to remember that there is always a network that you need to take into consideration. Yet, in the case of SHIB, it is relatively low, especially if you use the BNB Chain version of SHIB.

Automatic conversion to fiat

Automatic conversion to fiat

Perhaps, the key concern of businesses that decide against accepting crypto payments is their lack of experience and understanding of how to use cryptocurrencies in the first place. NOWPayments seeks to address this issue by offering the auto-conversion feature.

This feature automatically converts all the crypto payments you receive to fiat. In other words, if you enable auto conversion, you will be able to charge your clients in crypto but receive the eventual payment in a fiat currency. What’s more, such an approach lets you avoid price fluctuations, which is a common problem for digital assets.

Unlimited use, customization, and email invoicing

Unlimited use, customization, and email invoicing

NOWPayments does not impose any caps on the number of transactions or the size of payments. Merchants that use the recurring crypto invoicing API are free to accept as many payments as they wish thanks to the scalable infrastructure of NOWPayments.

Apart from that, NOWPayments processes payments 24/7 and all year round, guaranteeing a 100% uptime. You can also fully customize the invoices you send to your clients, adjusting the amount of the invoice and setting the interval at which it will be sent to customers. All of the invoices will be sent automatically using NOWPayments’ email invoicing feature.

How Can I Set up Recurring Invoicing in SHIB?

Accept crypto payments with NOWPayments

NOWPayments is a Shiba Inu payment gateway. The Recurring Invoicing solution from NOWPayments allows businesses, services, and individuals to send Recurring Invoices in SHIB to an unlimited number of users globally. It helps you to select how frequently your customers need to receive invoices via email and how much they need to pay. You can either produce individual invoices or apply the same characteristics to a whole batch of invoices. Cancellation of invoices is possible at any time.

Here is how you can set up Recurring invoices:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Provide your SHIB token payout address.
  3. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  4. Set up a recurring payments plan.


SHIB is a multi-chain crypto with an incredibly supportive community. Businesses can use NOWPayments’ recurring payments API to accept SHIB payments from their clients on a regular basis.

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