Is Shiba Inu the future of the gaming industry?

Shiba Inu has been more than a meme token for quite some time now. Today, it is a huge ecosystem that includes a wide range of services and products in the field of Web3. These days, SHIB has a presence in numerous spheres, among which gaming stands out in particular. The level of involvement of SHIB in the GameFi segment makes it possible to go as far as saying that Shiba Inu is the real future of the gaming industry. If you have not yet explored the gaming side of SHIB, this article will offer you a new perspective on everyone’s favorite coin. You can always integrate SHIB with your gaming project with the help of NOWPayments. Utilize the recurring custodial payments feature to let users or players top up their in-game accounts with SHIB.

Is Shiba Inu the future of the gaming industry?

Key points:

  • Shiba Eternity is the key gaming project of Shiba Inu.
  • Shiba Inu also has its own metaverse that relies on gamification and the Shiboshis NFT collection.
  • Developers can implement SHIB payments in games and apps via NOWPayments.

Shiba Inu and gaming

SHIB: The Metaverse

SHIB: The Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual space that, just like the Internet thirty years ago, is expected to become a new place where people will be able to connect, learn, share, and explore together. SHIB: The Metaverse is Shiba Inu’s own metaverse that will incorporate all the achievements and projects of SHIBA’s ecosystem. For instance, every single token of Shiba Inu, which are $SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE will become the key asset in the metaverse. As with any other metaverse, SHIB: The Metaverse will rely on gamification mechanics that community members will have an opportunity to interact with. SHIB: The Metaverse will be the most important component in the future of SHIB.

Shiboshis NFTs

Shiboshis NFTs

The Shiboshis is a collection of unique NFT characters released by Shiba Inu in 2021. The Shiboshi NFTs were an instant success, as the entire batch of 10,000 cards was sold almost immediately to users. As of now, the Shiboshi NFTs have generated over 13,700 ETH, which is truly impressive. There are many rumors surrounding the next step for the Shiboshis. The characters in the collection have already been spotted in Shiba Eternity, yet it remains unknown what will be a new use case for the Shiboshi NFTs. It is quite likely that the Shiboshis will be implemented in some gaming scenarios in one way or another.

Shiba Eternity

Shiba Eternity

Shiba Eternity is a full-fledged game from Shiba Inu that has recently been live-tested in Vietnam. Shiba Eternity is a card game that features everyone’s favorite Shiboshis. At the same time, these are not the NFT versions of Shiboshis, but rather simple in-game characters inspired by the original collection. There is no doubt that Shiba Eternity will become a major milestone for the SHIB community and the entire gaming industry.



There is also another gaming use case for SHIB which is not that often covered on social media. We are talking, of course, about gambling. After studying the market, you may find dozens of gambling websites that provide the option of using SHIB to play different games. For instance, Cloudbet is a website who accepts SHIBA Inu as payment, as well as hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, letting users easily add crypto to their balance.

Ways SHIB payments can help your game project

SHIB custodial payments (Billing API)

NOWPayments is a SHIB payment gateway that provides its clients with the option of using Recurring Custodial Payments. This feature lets you set up separate billing accounts for the users of your app or game and thus enable them to top up these accounts with SHIB or any cryptocurrency of their choice as a means of payment. By using our API, you will be able to set up these billing accounts on your own platform and simply utilize NOWPayments’ infrastructure to automatically process all transactions.

Benefits of SHIB custodial payments

Easy set-up

The custodial payments feature is quite simple to use and it takes no more than 10 minutes to deploy. The super-easy API developed by NOWPayments is intuitive and will not cause you any problem navigating it. By following our instructions, you will be able to quickly set up any number of accounts and offer your clients a chance to add SHIB to their balance and pay for products and services in the game/app with it.

Low fees

SHIB is not an expensive crypto, as its transactions do not cost much to send. What’s more, SHIB exists on both Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, so you can always let your clients choose to accept the version with the lowest fees. NOWPayments also does not charge much for processing transactions. Specifically, users will need to pay 0.5% per transaction, which is quite negligible by the industry’s standards. Thus, accepting SHIB using recurring custodial payments can actually save you money because traditional payment methods may charge you more for the same services.

Auto-conversion to fiat

The auto-conversion feature offered by NOWPayments is a great tool for you if you want to integrate SHIB payments in your game or app but still receive fiat. This feature automatically converts your SHIB to fiat, protecting you from price fluctuations on the market. Similarly, you can utilize dozens of cryptocurrencies as means of payment in your game via NOWPayments and instantly exchange them for fiat, without the need to handle each crypto separately.

Incredible community

Yet, the biggest benefit you can get by implementing recurring custodial payments is the support of the SHIB community. The Shiba Inu community includes hundreds of thousands of people who are passionate about SHIB and are supportive of every new use case of the coin. By deploying SHIB payments in your game or app, you will be able to generate a lot of buzz about your project among SHIB investors and, hopefully, get them to try it out.

How to implement recurring custodial payments

Here is how you can implement the Recurring Custodial Payments feature:

  1. Register an account on NOWPayments.
  2. Add your SHIB wallet address and generate an API key.
  3. Integrate the Recurring Custodial Payment API by following this guide.
  4. Create deposit accounts for your users via the Billing API.
  5. Set up a recurring payments plan.
  6. Allow your customers to top up their deposit accounts.
  7. Charge your users automatically based on their activity on your platform.


SHIB is a cryptocurrency which is deeply rooted in gaming. You can allow users in your game or app to top up their accounts with SHIB by using NOWPayments.

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