How to accept SHIB payments if I am a subscription service?

Shiba Inu remains the king of meme tokens. In fact, it regularly proves this by adding additional layers of utility to its main token SHIB. Nowadays, you may find all kinds of SHIB use cases on the market, ranging from car dealerships that accept SHIB to an entire metaverse, which Shiba Inu is currently working on. Still, the existing use cases are still not enough to meet the demand of SHIB holders, so more businesses need to integrate SHIB payments. For instance, thanks to NOWPayments’ recurring invoicing tool, subscription services can let their clients pay for subscriptions in SHIB.

How to accept SHIB payments if I am a subscription service?

Key points:

  • Accepting SHIB makes it easy to get noticed by the Shiba Inu community.
  • SHIB transactions are limitless and borderless.
  • Subscription services can get paid in SHIB via NOWPayments.

Why should I choose SHIB as payment?

It may get you new clients

SHIB has a genuinely large community of over one million members. The SHIB community is vibrant and inventive. There are dozens of artists that make wonderful SHIB-inspired art, as well as hundreds of influencers, each of whom does their best to promote the coin on social media. Businesses may profit from SHIB’s phenomenal success in a variety of ways.

However, the simplest and probably most profitable option is to accept SHIB payments. When new SHIB use cases pop up, the Shiba Inu community becomes very thrilled about it and rushes to support these new additions to the Shiba ecosystem. Businesses that decide to feature SHIB as a payment option will cause at least some share of the SHIB community to try out the new use case. As a result, companies accepting SHIB payments should expect a significant increase in new clients.

It will speed up your payment process

SHIB will speed up your payment process

Despite the fact that SHIB mostly operates on the Ethereum network, which is not the quickest blockchain, SHIB transactions are rather fast. In comparison to bank transfers, which may take several days, SHIB transactions can be considered almost instant.

On average, it will only take a few minutes for SHIB to be moved from one crypto address to another on Ethereum. Still, SHIB is also available on BNB Chain, which is slightly faster than Ethereum. So, when merchants do not want to wait for hours for their payment to be processed, they can accept Shiba Inu instead of their traditional payment methods. Speedy transactions of SHIB are what makes it useful in situations involving foreign clients. SHIB does not differentiate between users based on where they live. As a result, SHIB may be sent and accepted at the same fast speed all over the world. Companies who wish to accelerate the payment process for clients from other countries may accomplish it by using SHIB payments.

It is easily available

SHIB is easily available

SHIB is a very popular cryptocurrency, due to its meme token status that let it generate a lot of hype at its launch. The popularity of SHIB means that it is available on a vast number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, you will have no trouble obtaining SHIB tokens or exchanging them for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, your customers will have no trouble purchasing SHIB coins. Furthermore, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, SHIB is not a costly coin. One SHIB token’s price is less than a cent. As a result, you may not only convert SHIB to any preferred currency at any time but also do it even with the smallest amounts.

It solves the problem of chargeback fraud

SHIB solves the problem of chargeback fraud

One of the primary reasons why many businesses decide to switch to using crypto payments is the lack of chargebacks on the blockchain. Businesses, in particular, frequently suffer considerable losses as a result of falling prey to various types of fraudsters that exploit the chargeback functionality provided by most banks.

Blockchain networks, like the Ethereum network or BNB Chain, do not have central authority capable of imposing chargebacks or other forms of third-party interference. As a result, all SHIB transactions are peer-to-peer and cannot be reversed once initiated. Businesses that choose to accept Shiba Inu payments can protect themselves from chargeback fraud and save money.

It does not have any limits

SHIB does not have any limits

SHIB transactions are limitless and simply have no restrictions. To begin with, SHIB transactions are borderless since they are unaffected by any external circumstances such as the distance between the sender and the recipient or the legislation of different countries.

SHIB transactions do not have a cap on the amount that can be sent across the network. Therefore, you can send both a dollar worth of SHIB and one million dollars’ worth of SHIB.  There is no limit to the number of transactions that a single address may conduct. SHIB transactions are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hence, businesses are free to receive SHIB coin payments at any moment.

What tools for subscriptions does NOWPayments have?

Custodial payments (Billing API)

The recurring custodial payments functionality allows you to set up separate billing accounts for your users or customers and let them to top up these accounts with the cryptocurrency of their choosing as a payment method. You will be able to set up these billing accounts on your own platform and just use NOWPayments’ infrastructure to automatically handle all transactions by utilizing our API.

NOWPayments’ Recurring Invoicing

The recurring invoicing solution from NOWPayments allows businesses, services, and individuals to send recurring invoices in SHIB to an unlimited number of users globally. It allows you to specify how frequently your consumers receive recurring invoices via email, seeking payment for your services or items. Individual invoices can be customized, or the same characteristics can be applied to a whole batch of invoices. At any time, invoices can be canceled.

How can I accept SHIB for my subscription plan?

Here is how you can set up Recurring invoices:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
How can I accept SHIB for my subscription plan?
  1. Provide your SHIB payout address.
How can I accept SHIB for my subscription plan?
  1. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  2. Set up a recurring payments plan.


SHIB is a multi-chain cryptocurrency with a massive community and quick transactions. Subscription services may benefit from the SHIB token by accepting it as a payment method.

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