How to accept Shiba Inu payments via Point-of-sale

Shiba Inu has transitioned from a crypto world sensation into a trusted ecosystem of DeFi products. Shiba has been operating for over 2 years now, and although since its launch the industry has gone through several boom-and-bust cycles, the coin is still alive and kicking and enjoying popularity like never before. In fact, the SHIB token is held by over 1 million people which is on par with the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry. Businesses can reach the entire Shiba Inu coin community by embracing Shiba coin payments. NOWPayments is always ready to assist businesses in setting up SHIBA payments.

How to accept Shiba Inu payments via Point-of-sale

Key points:

  • Shiba Inu coin enables merchants to avoid chargebacks and reach out to the SHIB community.
  • A Point-of-Sale terminal is a simple solution for accepting crypto payments.
  • Use NOWPayments’ PoS terminal to get SHIBA INU accepted as payment.

What is Point-of-Sale?

A Point-of-Sale terminal is a system that facilitates the processing of crypto payments. While most PoS solutions have physical devices, NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale system is purely web-based. So, it can be used across a broad variety of devices, from mobile phones to computers. NOWPayments’ PoS terminal can act as a SHIB payments processor. Point-of-Sale terminal from NOWPayments has several features that merchants can find useful:

  • The terminal automatically updates the sum of the order in crypto according to the latest exchange rate.
  • All transactions processed by the terminal require only a small fee of no more than 0.5%.
  • NOWPayments guarantees instant payouts.
  • The terminal can be deployed anonymously.
  • The terminal can be integrated with the automatic crypto-to-fiat conversion feature letting merchants charge their clients in SHIB and receive payments in fiat.

Why should brick-and-mortar places accept SHIB?

Protection from chargebacks

Chargeback fraud is far too common and many businesses are trying hard to get some working solution to solve this issue. Unfortunately, chargeback fraud looks like a problem that simply cannot be solved. So, merchants need to consider it a given when using centralized payment processing tools like PayPal and bank transfers.

Yet, thanks to blockchain technology, businesses can use an alternative solution for receiving payments, namely, crypto. For instance, by utilizing SHIB token payments, you will be able to completely eradicate the chargeback problem since SHIB transactions cannot be reversed. So, if you accept Shiba Inu payment, you will be fully protected from chargeback fraud.



Merchants are naturally mindful of the security of their business, yet due to excessive centralization, mainstream financial services cannot guarantee companies that their money is always safe. As a result, businesses may suffer losses if their bank suddenly goes bankrupt.

There is also a widespread problem of cyber thieves stealing billions of dollars of bans’ clients’ money every year.

In the case of SHIB, security is an inalienable right of every user. This is why SHIB is a safe way to transfer and store your money. SHIB exists on Ethereum and Binance’s network, blockchains with a robust security system. Moreover, by keeping coins in a non-custodial wallet, you will be able to remain the sole owner of your crypto and avoid exposing it to third parties.

Unlimited use

Users can utilize SHIB at any moment, 24/7. Basically, there are no holidays or breaks on the blockchain, so you will not face any problems with receiving money at nighttime or on weekends. You can transfer and receive any amount of money using SHIB. So, there are no limits when it comes to Shiba Inu transactions. Merchants can capitalize on this feature by using SHIB as a universal payment solution available to every client in any part of the world.

Shib community outreach

Shib community outreach

As mentioned, there are over one million people holding SHIB tokens in their wallets. Companies can turn all of these clients into prospective customers simply by featuring SHIB payments. Although SHIB is a highly-successful crypto, businesses are still quite reluctant to feature Shiba Inu as payment.

So, every new use case involving utilizing Shiba Inu for payment gets noticed and embraced by the community as a major piece of news and many Shiba Inu investors make sure to try it out themselves.

So… how to install PoS and accept SHIB payments?

If you wish to set up a Shiba Inu payment gateway using NOWPayments, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
Create a NOWPayments account.
  1. Enter the requested information, such as your email and password.
  2. Type in your Shiba Inu public address.
Type in your Shiba Inu public address
  1. Go to “Store Settings” and generate your API key.
Go to “Store Settings” and generate your API key
  1. Refresh the “Store Settings” page and scroll down to the “POS Terminal Link” segment and create your PoS link by adding your custom line of text to the link.
Refresh the “Store Settings” page and scroll down to the “POS Terminal Link”
  1. In “Store Settings,” specify your base currency.
In “Store Settings,” specify your base currency
  1. Go to “Coins Settings” and choose SHIB.
Go to “Coins Settings” and choose SHIB
  1. Enter your terminal link in the address bar and load the page.
Enter your terminal link in the address bar and load the page.
  1. Congratulations, you have created your Shib currency payment terminal, try creating your first invoice.


NOWPayments is a Shib payment gateway that makes it easy for merchants to accept SHIB payments.

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