How to Accept DigiByte Crypto with Recurring Invoicing?

DigiByte is a decentralized, open-source blockchain that has been designed to be expeditious, highly secure, and energy-efficient. Its infrastructure is spread across multiple servers, making it resilient to cyberattacks. DigiByte also offers advanced features such as Digi-ID, which is a secure authentication system that allows users to securely access websites and other digital applications without needing a password. DigiByte is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable cryptocurrency for making digital payments. NOWPayments grants businesses the ability to send recurring invoices to their clients and get paid in DGB.

How to Accept DigiByte Crypto with Recurring Invoicing?

Key points:

  • DigiByte is an efficient and well-established network.
  • DGB coin payments help merchants save time and money.
  • Businesses can send their clients invoices in DGB with the help of NOWPayments.

What Is DigiByte Coin?

What is DigiByte coin?

DigiByte is a crypto payment network that was created in 2013. It is considered to be among the biggest, fastest, and most secure UTXO blockchains in existence. The safety enjoyed by DigiByte users is one of the key factors that contribute to this blockchain’s popularity. For instance, to ward off malicious attacks, the DigiByte crypto relies on five mining algorithms, which make it virtually impossible for anyone to gain 51% control over the network in order to conduct a successful attack.

DigiByte is constantly improving its technology and adding new cutting-edge solutions to its network, expanding its functionality. For instance, it pioneered the use of the SegWit protocol that helps to reduce the size of transactions, which increases the number of transactions that can be processed per second. It also integrates DigiShield, a defense mechanism that protects against sudden increases or drops in mining difficulty, which can be caused by large numbers of miners.

Benefits of DigiByte

Overall, the DigiByte blockchain has seen impressive growth over the years and is now used by thousands of people every day. It is also accepted by many merchants and can be used to purchase goods and services around the world thanks to its incredible qualities.

For instance, thanks to DigiByte, merchants can give their clients a chance to enjoy a smooth payment experience. The DigiByte coin offers faster transaction times than other blockchains, with a single block mined in just 15 seconds. This makes it a desirable option for anyone interested in quickly sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Merchants that frequently accept payments from clients from abroad can reduce the processing time of payments from days to mere seconds thanks to DigiByte. Your customers will thank you for letting them use DGB to pay for their products or subscriptions.

Benefits of DigiByte

DigiByte crypto transactions offer merchants a powerful way to save money. By utilizing the DigiByte blockchain, merchants can reduce the expenses associated with financial transactions, such as processing fees. Since DigiByte transactions are not subject to the same fees as traditional credit card and bank transactions, merchants can slash the amount of money they need to pay to third parties when conducting payments.

Similarly, consumers will also be able to avoid covering outrageous fees on their end. As a result of lower expenses, businesses can bring their prices down and thus gain a competitive advantage among the competition. This in turn can lead to a larger market share, increased revenue, and ultimately more profit for the business. Businesses can use the savings to invest in more efficient and cost-effective production methods and technology.

DGB coin payments offer businesses a high level of privacy and security when compared to traditional payment methods. DGB crypto does not ask users to share their personal details in order to start making transactions. What’s more, DigiByte utilizes encryption, rendering it impossible for third-party entities to access users’ funds. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies means that no government or financial institution can control the funds, or impose rules or regulations on their usage. This provides businesses with a level of privacy that cannot be found elsewhere.

What Is Recurring Crypto Invoicing by NOWPayments?

What is recurring crypto invoicing by NOWPayments?

The Recurring Invoicing solution from NOWPayments, a DigiByte payments gateway, offers businesses the power to streamline their billing process and give their clients convenience and reliability when it comes to making payments. Through recurring invoicing, businesses can easily create and send invoices to their clients, requesting payment in the form of DigiByte (DGB) crypto on a regular basis. The tool allows you to produce individual invoices or to apply the same characteristics to a whole batch of invoices with just a few clicks.

How Can I Set up Recurring Invoicing in DigiByte?

Integrating the recurring invoicing tool from NOWPayments is simple and will not take more than five minutes of your time. Here is how you can set up Recurring invoices:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
How can I set up recurring invoicing in DigiByte?
  1. Provide your DGB token payout address.
How can I set up recurring invoicing in DigiByte?
  1. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  2. Set up a recurring payments plan.


DGB serves as a great payment solution thanks to rocket-fast transactions and excellent security. Start charging your clients in DGB via NOWPayments.

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