Businesses Accepting Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are playing a very big role in the tech world today. Due to their complex structure and features, many people have difficulty understanding the hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens. It is interesting to see that, even amidst all these, there is still place for fun and jokes. There were many of so-called joke currencies which ended as a joke, but Dogecoin is different.

Since its inception in 2013, it has sustained as a rather popular cryptocurrency token. Even more impressive is that people still use Dogecoin to trade other cryptocurrencies and pay for stuff onlineб although it is mostly intended as a donation coin.

As of February 2018, the token had been mined for more than 113 billion coins. Even now, major cryptocurrency exchanges and price-tracking websites list Dogecoin as a significant entry.

That makes us wonder: are there many businesses accepting Dogecoin? The short answer is yes. Although it has been built upon the world of comedy, sarcasm, and, most importantly, the Doge meme, many merchants had adopted the coin as a convenient form of payment. Many of these organizations have either dropped support or upgraded, but some stores still accept Dogecoin for various things.

Before we give you a list of businesses where you can pay with Dogecoin, we wanted to answer two primary questions you may have.

What Is Dogecoin?

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Dogecoin is also a popular cryptocurrency token you use to buy and trade. This token had its inception in 2013 when Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus introduced the coin to mock the increasing number of altcoins in the market. As the name indicates, Dogecoin is inspired by the Doge internet meme, which features a Shiba Inu dog.

The creators also managed to popularize the coin design that resembles the Doge meme Shiba Inu. However, it did not remain a joke for long, and instead expanded into a practical cryptocurrency, known for its enormous supply and low price. That is, Dogecoin became the perfect solution for micro-tipping, where users wanted to pay a small amount to another person/organization while enjoying the benefits of anonymity.

Dogecoin is also unique for some other features. For instance, this Luckycoin-derivative, based on Litecoin, is powered by Blockchain technology with 1-minute intervals. This means you can get updates on Dogecoin transactions way faster than when using other tokens. It also helps that Dogecoin does not have any cap — making it as sustainable as possible.

Why Pay Using Dogecoin?

Here are some reasons you may want to make a payment using Dogecoin instead of traditional channels and even popular cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  • As Dogecoin has a meager average value, you can use this currency to pay small amounts. You have to use a convenient wallet to keep track of the payments and you can use NOWPayments to accept micropayments as well.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin does not want you to invest so much into the crypto world to begin. So, the token is the best choice for people who wish to test cryptocurrency payments.
  • Since Dogecoin uses comparatively faster Blockchain technology, you do not have to wait for minutes to see the payment update. This comes in handy for business owners as well.
  • Despite the joke-based start it had, Dogecoin has now grown to a fully-fledged coin. This means you have an option to integrate the coin with crypto exchanges, wallets, and other analytics tools.
  • It is also true that Dogecoin has one of the lowest transaction fees, which is great for buyers. 

With these having been said, we should also note that Dogecoin is exceptionally prone to inflation. It is because the coin does not have a market cap. So, in a few years, the value of Dogecoin may go further down, which means you have to spend more coins even for a low-cost product or service.

If we can keep the technicalities aside, we will check out the businesses that accept payment in DOGE.

Businesses That Accept Dogecoin

As we mentioned, Dogecoin is a popular payment method among merchants and customers. Because of this, you can still find hundreds of service providers that accept this cryptocurrency. Because it is impossible for us to list all the companies, we have chosen a specific number of names from categories like Shops, Internet services, Crypto services, Gaming, Gambling, etc.

1. The Value Hosted

The Value Hosted is a web hosting service provider with active customers in the UK, US, and South Asia. This is one of the places where you can pay for impressive services like Shared hosting, SSL certificates, and dedicated servers, all from the comfort of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrency tokens. You also get a bunch of advanced features like DDoS protection and SEO web content development. This hosting provider also is known for the impressive reviews it has managed to get in the past. So, if you plan to get cost-effective web hosting services by spending Dogecoin, you should try The Value Hosted.

2. MrChrissy VPN

Thanks to the increasing number of cyberthreats and content censoring, more people are now using a VPN service. If you want to use a VPN service that works on Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS, you can pick MrChrissy VPN and pay for it using Dogecoin. While it may not be the most popular VPN service in the market, you get standard support for features like multiple connections and logging-free traffic. It is super-nice that the developers behind MrChrissy VPN never miss an opportunity to improve the service and its apps.

3. Elephant Chateau

Elephant Chateau is a unique place where you can get some useful food items for your senses by paying Dogecoin. For instance, you can get flavorful spices, teas, and other elements from Ceylon. Depending on how many Dogecoins you want to spend, you can also choose between various tea products. Because all these products are shipped from Sri Lanka, authenticity should not be your concern. This could also be a great opportunity where you get to trade your cryptocurrency for something you can feel. By the way, you can pay via traditional methods as well.

4. is one of the revolutionary business spaces that allow you to book hotels and other accommodation services using cryptocurrency tokens. Fortunately, Dogecoin is also supported by the platform. Because this platform advertises itself as a Next-gen Online Travel Agency, it uses a dedicated payment gateway to accept crypto payments. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that you will have to spend a huge number of Dogecoin tokens to book a decent hotel room somewhere. The site is now offering support for booking flights and activities.

5. NinjaGameKeys

Games are something that can be fun, no matter how you pay for them. And if you would like to pay for your favorite game using Dogecoin, you can check out the NinjaGameKeys website. This is a massive site in that you can find games for multiple platforms and genres. In addition to the actual gaming titles, you can purchase various Steam and PlayStation 5 codes for your convenience. It is also worth noting that you can get new titles like Cyberpunk 2077 from the store. Because the site offers a few promotional options, you get to save a lot of money too.

6. Dallas Mavericks

March 5th, Dallas Mavericks announced they are accepting Dogecoin for tickets and merch.

In addition to these top merchants, you can use Dogecoin to pay for services and products at spaces such as MobDev, which offers mobile app development services, BlockchainX, which offers software development services, Urban Defense Academy, which provides training for those who want to gain expertise in handling firearms.

7. AirBaltic

Airbaltic announced on March 29 that they have started accepting Dogecoin payments, as well as Ethereum. Airbaltic tickets can be bought with several cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins.

You can also check out spaces like Crypto Cove, where you can purchase cryptocurrency merchandise using DOGE.

Now that you know the places where you can spend DOGE, we will answer some more questions.

Will Amazon Accept Dogecoin?

Amazon allows you to pay for products on its website, but cryptocurrency is not one of them. This is a sensible decision, considering that Amazon relies on many centralized structures to function correctly. To openly offer support for a cryptocurrency would have severe implications for the company. To answer your specific question, Amazon will not accept Dogecoin in the near future anyway.

However, there may be ways to use your Dogecoin to pay for something for Amazon. There are two ways, in fact. First, you can withdraw Dogecoin to USD from an exchange and pay for the product. This method is devoid of the anonymity benefit, though. Second, you can use the Dogecoin currencies to purchase Amazon gift cards, bringing you the desired products from Amazon.

In the second method, since the gift card does not necessarily connect to an individual, you can protect your identity while making the payment. Of course, you may have to pay a commission to get a gift card using DOGE.

What Are the Popular Payment Gateways for Dogecoin?

Many Payment Gateways allow you to pay for a product/service using Dogecoin. These PGs make it easy for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in general. As of now, NOWPayments supports DOGE payments, allowing merchants to accept DOGE as payment or donation and offering auto coin and fiat conversion.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, spending Dogecoin to get the products you need is no big deal. Even in the small list that we have created, you can find websites that belong to different categories. Therefore, it all comes down to you to see if the product/service you want is available on these sites. If yes, you can enjoy the top speed as well as anonymity offered by Dogecoin transactions.