Which brick-and-mortar places accept SHIB?

It is obvious that coins cannot live off hype alone and they need additional sources providing it with utility. SHIB is one of those cryptocurrencies which have made a successful transition from a popular meme token to a well-established asset accepted by thousands of merchants. Since SHIB is supported by many major crypto payment processing services such as NOWPayments, its adoption is going smoothly since businesses have an easy way to integrate Shiba Inu payments. We have put together a list of brick-and-mortar places where you can pay with SHIB for products and services.

Key points:

  • SHIB payments are low-cost and quick.
  • SHIB is accepted by Gucci, Rooms to Go, and many others.
  • Get paid in SHIB via NOWPayments.

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a currency that wholly belongs to the community. So, every member of the SHIB Army is responsible for the success of their favorite coin. Shiba Inu was originally deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, which to this day remains the primary blockchain for transferring SHIB. At the same time, there is also a BNB Chain version of SHIB, which was created to reduce costs and improve the speed of SHIB transactions. The project and its community members regularly burn SHIB tokens to reduce the number of circulating coins. The Shiba Inu also has ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange where users can provide liquidity with SHIB.

Benefits of SHIB payments

Low-cost transactions

Low fee expenses are among the key reasons why companies decide to switch to Shiba Inu coin payments. SHIB exists on both BNB Chain and Ethereum, which now relies on the PoS protocol that reduces transaction costs. So, businesses and consumers using SHIB can avoid paying hefty fees. Basically, firms can accept SHIB payments as a cheaper alternative to mainstream payment solutions such as bank transfers.

Quick payments

The transaction speed of SHIB is also extremely fast when compared to the traditional means of transferring funds. BNB Chain and Ethereum can process transactions in an extremely fast manner enabling users to send and receive payments without delays. This is why some merchants prefer to employ SHIB as their go-to payment method. So, businesses who wish to simplify and speed up their entire payment process might opt for SHIB.

Truly global transactions

SHIB has the ideal property of being borderless. SHIB transactions are not restricted by any governments or borders. This allows them to be handled effectively regardless of the distance between sender and destination. This is why SHIB payments are great for businesses that have many international clients. Rather than open bank accounts in many countries, firms may simply use a Shiba payments gateway as a global payment mechanism for all overseas clients.

The SHIB community attention

SHIB has millions of holders and fans around the world. Some of them are actively looking for new use cases and methods to put their tokens to work. Businesses may target this segment of cryptocurrency holders by allowing them to spend their SHIB on genuine goods and services. Some of these folks are likely to be overjoyed at the prospect of exchanging their SHIB for products.

No third-party interference

Getting paid in SHIB helps you to gain exclusive ownership of your money. By putting your SHIB funds in a non-custodial wallet, you may prevent other parties from accessing your funds. Shiba nu payment is a more secure payment mechanism than conventional solutions for storing money such as banks. The traditional financial institutions get full control over the holdings of their clients, SHIB has no authority capable of it.

Companies accepting SHIB offline

Rooms to Go

Rooms to Go is a renowned American chain of home furniture stores. The company focuses on quality home furniture at an affordable price. It has over 150 stores in the United States spanning numerous states and cities. The selection of products of the company is carefully curated by designers.

The brand always showcases how furniture will look in a home, letting consumers have a better understanding and vision. Recently, Rooms to Go began accepting SHIB payments across many of its locations.



Gucci is one of those high-fashion names that do not need an introduction. It is one of the most provocative and trend-setting brands in the world. Gucci has already been deeply involved in the crypto industry including through participation in metaverse projects.

Today, you also can purchase Gucci’s products and footwear by utilizing SHIB as payment. For now, Gucci accepts SHIB payments only in its U.S. locations, but, hopefully, the list will grow in the future.

Porsche Towson

Porsche Towson

Porsche Towson is a car dealership with a vast selection of new and used vehicles, exceptional car care, and customer service. You can discover all the latest models from Porsche’s catalog at Porsche Towson. Apart from a large inventory of cars, the dealership provides maintenance and repair services.

It also sells high-quality genuine OEM parts. Porsche Towson is a dealership that aspires to embrace innovative solutions and approaches. This is why Shiba Inu is accepted as payment by this dealership.

Vegas Auto Gallery

Vegas Auto Gallery

Vegas Auto Gallery already has both an online presence and two sites in Las Vegas. It delivers first-rate service to all guests, providing luxurious and exotic automobiles that are specially handpicked for demanding local clients. The company also specializes in niche brands.

For instance, it has a franchising right for Lotus Cars Las Vegas. Vegas Auto Gallery is one impressive dealership not only because of its extravagant inventory but also because it accepts SHIB coin payments.

Kandy Skulls Ink

Kandy Skulls Ink

Kandy Skulls Ink is a must-visit location in Glasgow that every tattoo fan needs to attend and get some ink under their skin in. Kandy Skulls Ink has a team consisting of the most talented artists on Scotland’s tattoo scene, so it is a privilege to get a tattoo from them.

Moreover, given that Kandy Skulls Ink accepts SHIB and other cryptocurrencies as payment, crypto investors who are crazy about tattoos will get double the pleasure.

Amsterdam Vintage Watches

Amsterdam Vintage Watches

Amsterdam Vintage Watches is a store located in the heart of Amsterdam. It is one of the leading boutiques in vintage luxury watches and a worldwide favorite among collectors and connoisseurs alike. The company specializes in the trade of the world’s finest watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet & Cartier.

Amsterdam Vintage can also provide an official appraisal, authentication, and watch valuation for auction houses. Amsterdam Vintage Watches has deployed a Shiba Inu payment method at its store.

The Edit LDN

The Edit LDN

The Edit LDN offers limited edition clothing from top fashion brands. It has an extensive range of designer sneakers in all the colorways of the rainbow. It has a large offering of 100% authentic sneakers and streetwear. It has a designer kid clothing section, as well as fashion accessories from brands such as Adidas Yeezy, Nike, Dunk, Jordan, Chanel, and many others.

The Edit LDN has a store in London where you can purchase products with SHIB.

Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co creates revolutionary timepieces and exquisite jewelry worn by celebrities and notables such as Quentin Tarantino. Jacob Arabo is the founder and chairman of Jacob & Co. He has been creating exquisite items for decades.

The brand’s collections are brimming with radical ideas, presenting designs, complications, and combinations that break new ground in high watchmaking and high jewelry. The brand lets clients pay in SHIB.

Underground Cigars

Underground Cigars

Underground Cigars is the company of real cigar lovers. It has one of the most special boutique selections to be found. Every aspect of the Underground is designed with one thing in mind-pairing the right cigar with the right cigar experience.

The company takes great satisfaction in not only attracting but cultivating one of the best crowds of regulars and patrons from all walks, trades, backgrounds, and creeds. Underground Cigars allows customers to accept SHIB payments.

Lamborghini Austin

Lamborghini Austin

Lamborghini Austin boasts an impressive inventory of exotic Italian cars. It includes a full-service and parts department, exclusive merchandise selection, and a guest lounge. It offers quality financing options, so clients can buy or lease cars. Lamborghini Austin streamlines the entire process.

Thanks to Lamborghini Austin, you can now purchase your Lamborghini with SHIB.

How to accept SHIB payments

Businesses and individuals can accept SHIB crypto as payment or donations using these tools:

  • eCommerce plugins: These plugins are compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware.
  • Payment Link and a PoS terminal: Businesses can use payment link and a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal.
  • Subscriptions: Some companies may deploy special subscription-based payments.
  • API: NOWPayments’ versatile API enables businesses to create custom crypto payment solutions.
  • Payouts: You can send mass payouts as a salary, bonus, reward, or rebate automatically to as many addresses as you wish.

Here is a guide on how a SHIB Payment Link can be created:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account.
Register a NOWPayments account.
  1. Enter your public SHIB token address.
SHIB token address
  1. Press “Create payment link.”
Press “Create payment link.”
  1. Enter the details of your payment link and click “Confirm.”
Enter the details of your payment link and click “Confirm.”
  1. You will receive a payment link that your clients will be able to use by simply scanning its QR code.
You will receive a payment link that your clients will be able to use by simply scanning its QR code.


SHIB is an in-demand asset that is accepted as a means of payment by many brands and businesses. NOWPayments enables companies to feature SHIB payments.

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