Pitbull Cryptocurrency: a Full Overview

Pitbull overview

The Pitbull token is one of those incredible new projects that simply take decentralization to another level while providing value to every stakeholder. NOWPayments supports the Pitbull project by offering tools for accepting PIT token payments to businesses and individuals.

Bone cryptocurrency explained

Bone cryptocurrency explained

BONE plays a crucial part in the SHIB ecosystem, and it is one of the reasons why SHIB has become so beloved on the crypto stage. At NOWPayments, we are always looking for ways to make sure our users have access to the best and most popular cryptocurrencies. This is why we provide BONE payments as part of our services.

Polygon ecosystem explained

polygon overview

Polygon is a layer-2 solution that is more versatile and capable of hosting a larger number of different Web3 products and services than an average blockchain. Polygon is fully integrated with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks. It also smartly makes use of Ethereum’s infrastructure to ensure proper security on its own chain. Polygon acts as … Read more

Ethereum Classic vs Ethereum PoW: which is better for payments?

ETC vs ETHW for payments

The most notable forks of Ethereum include Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum PoW (ETHW). Those that aim to follow the original idea behind the Ethereum network will typically support and use these cryptocurrencies. However, which one is truly better used for payments?