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NOWPayments makes it incredibly easy to start accepting RVN payments on your website so that you can bring this seamless crypto payment experience to your customers.
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Accept Ravencoin Payments

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is an innovative cryptocurrency token powered by a peer-to-peer blockchain, making asset transfer more effortless than ever. The core blockchain behind Ravencoin is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin project, but the developers have made specific advantageous changes. Ravencoin, the project, and RVN, the token, were launched in 2018.

The blockchain has been optimized for asset transfer, unlike the case with Bitcoin or Ethereum. It means you can use the Ravencoin token to transfer various assets in both the real and digital worlds. Gold bars and software licenses are two of the many assets that one can transfer using the Ravencoin infrastructure. And the RNV token is central to all those transactions.

Ravencoin Payment Benefits:

  • Versatile Asset Transfer
    You can use Ravencoin to transfer various assets, including digital goods and physical objects. This coin is thus suitable for your new-gen internet businesses.
  • Increased Market Cap
    Ravencoin has an increased market cap of 21 billion instead of the 21 million in Bitcoin. You can use the RVN token for enhanced needs because of this increased level.
  • Easily Transferrable
    Compared to other cryptocurrency tokens, RVN tokens are easily transferable. You can use the tokens you have received to purchase assets from different categories.
  • Suits Low-value Transactions
    You don’t have to worry about the bombarding value of the RVN tokens, either. It means customers at your business can easily handle low-value transactions.

How to Start Accepting Ravencoin Payments on Your Website?

Handling RVN transactions is a thing of ease once you have integrated NOWPayments with your website. To make things easier for everyone, we have kept the integration process easier than ever. And, thanks to the low transaction fee on the platform, you can offer the best payment experience to your customers without putting too much at stake.

Follow the steps below to accept RVN on your website:

  • First, you need to sign up for a NOWPayments account. The process shouldn’t take more than a minute!
  • Next, go to Store settings to enter your wallet address and add a new API key.
  • Paste this API key in the required place for any type of RVN payment gateway. It can be our widget, button, or invoice module.
  • The integration will be active on your website, and you’re ready to accept cryptocurrency payments.

With Ravencoin transactions, you can enable secure cryptocurrency payments, donations and payouts while accepting one of the most versatile crypto tokens in the market right now. The RVN coins you collect can be converted into many assets.
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Ravencoin Payment Methods

Ravencoin widgets

Ravencoin widget

Using the Ravencoin coin to provide payments on your website is as simple as copying the HTML code of our RVN widget. The widget looks modern, can be customized, and it provides a simple payment solution that doesn’t require users to leave the website.
Ravencoin buttons

Ravencoin button

If widgets are not your thing due to their size, feel free to try our RVN payment buttons. Just copy their code anywhere on your website and feel free to change the image according to your preferences. Once a user clicks the button, they will be taken to our page to provide the payment information. It’s the perfect solution for a Checkout with Ravencoin button!


Ravencoin invoices are popular among companies and individuals alike. With NOWPayments, creating and managing Ravencoin invoices is a breeze, and we offer simple integrations to your workflow.


NOWPayments provides you with a reliable API that takes just a few seconds to start. All you need is just sign up, specify your outcome wallet, and generate your personal API in a click.


If you own an online store built on some of the major e-commerce platforms, we have simple payment plugins for you! This includes WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and others. E-commerce owners now have a plugin that will integrate easily and expand the number of checkout options on your online store.
Accept Ravencoin Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is fee is one of the lowest available and it depends on your discount. It goes up to 0.5%. To keep our service available to holders of many cryptocurrencies, we enable automated crypto conversions. If there is such a conversion involved during the transaction, our exchange partner can also charge a fee of up to 0.5%.
With the exception of several coins, the minimum payment varies between $3 and $5. The minimum amount varies based on the transaction pair involved. However, we work to provide the best possible service, and we try to lower these amounts whenever we can!
Yes, we do! A whole lot of them, actually, We also keep an eye on the crypto market and add support for new coins you can use to receive payments on your website! Even if certain coins aren’t officially supported by NOWPayments, we often use automated exchanges to make sure your customers don’t leave your website because the coin is not supported! To use other cryptocurrencies instead of Ravencoin, navigate here and choose a supported coin from the list!
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