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NOWPayments API is a set of code that allows you to implement a crypto payment gateway on your online store, casino, or to do mass payouts in cryptocurrency. Follow the links to find the documentation for each and contact us — we will guide you through the installation process!

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The Sandbox is a way to test our API without making any real transactions. Merchants get to test any payment case they want and get the full data from our API describing it.

How to use the Sandbox?

API is a way to integrate crypto payments for your site. To do so, one needs to generate an API key - it can be done with one click in your account.

API keys are always randomly generated and are a long string of symbols with no logical order. As a result, they are nearly impossible to crack.

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If you want to send payments in crypto, be that a payroll or affiliate rewards - we got you covered. Our customized Mass Payments solution has been created to help with payouts.

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Casinos&Gambling can strongly benefit from crypto: as crypto payments offer low fees, high security and privacy and global reach. We have developed a unique solution to meet the needs of casinos and the gambling industry in general. Here you can find the workflow and detailed explanation of API requests.

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