API for crypto payments: Explained

As a cryptocurrency user, you are sure to have already used API keys. But have you ever thought about what is beyond the term “API”? To make cryptocurrency secure, the creators use API as a method of protecting information with protocols that can’t be read by third parties.

What is API?

What is API?

API is the short of Application Programming Interface that works as a computing interface of a system that sets the way its components and applications “communicate” with one another. But API is not the database itself, it is the code that controls the access to the server, defines requests that can be made, and sets the rules of making them.

APIs makes the life of online platforms easier as there is no need to build  specific links for each service or product. As for the cryptocurrency, APIs enable access to market data on exchanges or blockchain protocols, and allows users to make and to receive payments with guaranteed safety — Application Programming Interface are highly important in preventing hacks.

API Keys

API Keys

In order to use API, one needs an API key, a unique code passed in to an API to identify the user. API keys enable to track and control the API usage and also work as special passwords that let their owners access the information needed. 

What are API keys benefits in comparison to traditional keys we use on the Internet?

What are API keys benefits

Firstly, ordinary passwords make sites times more vulnerable because they can be reused by companies. Meanwhile, API keys are always randomly generated, being extremely long, with no logical order of symbols used. As a result, they are nearly impossible to crack.

Moreover, traditional sites and software may ask you to update your username and password combination. This takes time, and it counts for, especially if you represent a business, every minute can cost you a sum. API solves this problem being automotized. 

As you see, API keys have significant pros. That’s why they are widely used by cryptocurrency services who aim to provide its clients with as safe and sound systems as possible.

About NOWPayments’ API

Every reliable digital payment processing service offers APIs, that enable users to stay completely safe. NOWPayments provides you with a reliable API that takes just a few seconds to start. All you need is just sign up, specify your outcome wallet, and generate your personal API in a click.

With NOWPayments, you need no extra efforts to control the security of your digital assets, so you can focus on the pleasure of accepting cryptocurrency online.