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What is API?

NOWPayments API is a set of code that allows you to implement a crypto payment gateway on your online store, casino, or to do mass payouts in cryptocurrency. Follow the links to find the documentation for each and contact us — we will guide you through the installation process!

How does it work?

When you register on NOWPayments, your next step will be setting up your payout (outcome) wallet and getting an API key. After we generate it for you, insert it in the strings of code responsible for various commands in our crypto API documentation.

You can install our Bitcoin API on most of the websites but it works best on tailor-made platforms. Since the API cryptocurrency gateway is highly customizable, it requires some tech work in the installation process. We are ready to help you out with it anytime — simply contact us whenever you need assistance!

After you implement the API in your website’s code, you will get a fully working API crypto payment gateway. When a customer wants to pay, they choose one of the 70+ cryptocurrencies and pay directly into your wallet. You will see each payment’s status in your dashboard.

Last payments

If you’d like to test this API before fully implementing it, Sandbox is for you. It allows you to test the system without real transactions — we emulate the money flow to show you how it works. Provide the payment case that you want to test and get the full data from our API describing the case.

What are Instant Payment Notifications?

IPNs, or callbacks, notify you when transaction status is changed. When a payment is completed, you receive notifications on your website server. Find a guide to enable IPNs here.

Several payments for one order

If you want to allow your customers to pay a full order with several payments, you can enable the Several payments for one order feature. Thus, e.g. a customer can pay half in BTC and half in ETH. See here how to install it.

API commands

Here are the commands that you can run in the NOWPayments API:

  • GET API status – check the API status.
  • GET available currencies.
  • GET estimated price – the approximate (close to 100% accuracy) sum you will receive after the cryptocurrency exchange (if it’s a part of the process).
  • POST create a payment.
  • GET payment status – the transaction ID.
  • GET the minimum payment amount for a particular currency.

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