Why Crypto Payments Are Beneficial for Freelancers

Every year more and more excellent specialists quit their unloved jobs and go freelance. People are increasingly striving to be independent and self-sufficient, and the logistics of working from home is becoming easier than ever. Cryptocurrency facilitates this transition by breaking down barriers and giving freelancers complete freedom. If you are still in doubt about this payment method, we invite you to learn about the 10 stunning advantages of Bitcoin and crypto payments for freelancers and finally make a decision.

Why Crypto Payments Are Beneficial for Freelancers

Key Points

  • Cryptocurrency is the best payment method for freelancers who are looking for secure, reliable, and fast payments.
  • With the help of Bitcoin payments, freelancers can significantly expand their customer base and receive higher payment for their services.
  • NOWPayments provides an opportunity for freelancers to create their own invoices and receive payment in Bitcoin and altcoins in a convenient and easy manner.

10 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin As Freelance Pay 

  1. Transaction fees

Freelancers usually receive cross-border payments from their employers. If you need to send money to a recipient located in another country, then you will understand that Bitcoin is the best option. Traditional cross-border money transfers are very expensive and charge a high commission. Cryptocurrency transactions, in addition to being extremely fast, also have low fees, regardless of the amount being sent. Cryptocurrency payment services charge a commission at their discretion, and the user may or may not accept their terms. However, the amount of commissions is usually at a low level, and in case of disagreement with the terms of some services, there is always an opportunity to find more favorable offers.

  1. Instant global transfers
Instant global cryptocurrency transfers

Cryptocurrencies are the best way to instantly send and receive money for your freelance services. While the use of bank payments is often criticized for the long speed of transactions, with the help of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, freelancers can receive payment in a matter of minutes. Only a queue in the blockchain can slow down transactions, or (if conversion to fiat is configured) the slow operation of the converting service. But both points, when choosing Bitcoin as a payment method and a reliable crypto payment service, such as NOWPayments, are rare.

  1. Decentralization

Decentralization is designed to ensure that there is no single weak point and prevent a complete system failure. Cryptocurrencies provide their users with access to secure peer-to-peer payments and do not depend on any banking intermediaries. As a result, users can use their assets at their discretion. Moreover, blockchain technologies make it possible to create financial systems that will be beyond the control of the actions of сentral banks and governments. That is, it will be impossible to artificially devalue the Bitcoin cryptocurrency at one moment for the sake of the interests of a certain part of society.

  1. Global adoption
Crypto Global adoption
Source: https://coinmap.org/

Being the leader of the crypto market, it is Bitcoin that is distinguished by the maximum possibilities of use. Now you can buy anything for Bitcoin, starting from air tickets, clothes, laptops, and games, ending with cars, apartments, and millions of other things. Bitcoin payments are accepted by such well-known corporations as Microsoft, Travala.com, PayPal, KFC, and thousands of others. In addition, Bitcoin is the most liquid asset, it is represented on all existing crypto exchanges. You will also have no problems with converting Bitcoin into fiat currency, all existing fiat gateways support Bitcoin.

  1. Better Privacy 

Nowadays, privacy is not just a privilege, it is the most important factor that affects the security and freedom of network users. Unlike traditional financial infrastructures, Bitcoin users are much better at managing their personal and financial information. The risk of identity theft with BTC is lower than for those who use other forms of digital payments, such as fiat currencies and credit cards. With cryptocurrencies, transaction data is limited to certain numbers. When a transaction occurs, the most you can know is the transaction ID and wallet address. The cryptocurrency payment processor will need your name and address. No other information is shared with anyone. Thus, confidential information is protected by cryptocurrencies.

  1. Security
Crypto Security

An important advantage of cryptocurrencies is their high degree of security, which is provided by modern encryption technologies, thanks to which outsiders simply cannot access someone else’s wallet without having a complex cryptographic key in their hands. This ensures reliable and effective protection of existing savings with minimal risk of theft. In addition, due to the decentralization and peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrencies, freelancers can not worry about freezing or canceling transactions. Moreover, you save yourself from unscrupulous employers who can make chargebacks. After all, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

  1. Individual Ownership

The owners of cryptocurrencies are free people whose accounts no one can block. This means that in case of default, monetary reform, or other shocks to the financial world, their savings will remain untouchable. The crucial point is that you set the conditions for interaction with employers yourself. You are your own bank and have full control over your funds. Taking into account the restrictions imposed by traditional financial systems, such as a limit on the amount of the transfer, the duration of the transfer, high fees, as well as the possibility of blocking your funds, Bitcoin is the best way to pay freelancers.

  1. Freelancing platforms

One of the most important advantages is the fact that you have many more earning options. You can search for jobs all over the world, and all you need to receive Bitcoin payments is your phone and the Internet. To date, there are also many platforms for freelancers, within which you can receive payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such platforms add an additional layer of protection to freelancers, as well as facilitate the search of customers. You can learn more about such freelancing platforms in our article

  1. Attracting potential customers
Attracting potential customers

Thanks to Bitcoin payments, freelancers can significantly expand their customer base. Many employers will prefer to choose an employee who accepts payments in Bitcoin rather than someone who accepts payments through, for example, PayPal or bank transfers. Firstly, in this way employers significantly save on transaction costs and free themselves from filling out piles of papers. Secondly, Bitcoin is the most reliable asset, so it is convenient and safe for both sides. Thirdly, you can cooperate with employers all over the world, even in different time zones, because crypto payments can be made 24/7/365.

  1. Investing Opportunities
Cryptocurrency Investing Opportunities

Cryptocurrency can serve not only as a means of payment but also be one of the ways to invest money. On the growth of the exchange rate of coins, you can perfectly increase your capital. You can literally watch your capital grow by investing part of it in Bitcoin. Naturally, like other cryptocurrencies, the price of Bitcoin sometimes falls, but despite the appearance of thousands of competitors, Bitcoin remains the king of cryptocurrencies. So even after the price drops, there is always a rise. It is for this reason that we recommend that you invest only free funds in order to prevent a situation where the price has fallen, and you urgently need the invested money.

Accept Crypto Invoices with NOWPayments

Accept Crypto Invoices with NOWPayments

The advantages of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for freelancers have led to the fact that users are looking for solutions on how to start accepting Bitcoin. As already mentioned, today there are many freelancing platforms with payment in cryptocurrency. However, such platforms may be inconvenient for freelancers for a number of reasons. 

NOWPayments provides a great opportunity for freelancers who dream of accepting Bitcoin or more than 100 other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. With the help of our non-custodial service, freelancers have the opportunity to create invoices in just a few clicks. Paying with invoices is as convenient and simple as possible. Moreover, it looks presentable, which can also attract potential customers. 


Nowadays, more and more specialists are choosing to become freelancers and work for themselves. No wonder, because this is a perfect opportunity to become independent, free, and self-sufficient. You can work from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Bitcoin, in turn, directly contributes to the development of this field of activity. By accepting payment in BTC, you gain even more freedom, and in addition this payment method has plenty of advantages. By accepting Bitcoin for your freelance services, you can find customers all over the world, improve your image, and also increase revenue.