How can you book a flight using your Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is now widely accepted as a currency people can make payments with. Recent advancements in the payment sector now allow Bitcoin to pay for airplane tickets in several countries across the globe. No longer do you need to be caged in the centralized financial system. Start using Bitcoin and buy your air tickets today! In this article, we will show you, how to buy tickets with Bitcoin and where to do it.

Why Buy Air Tickets with Bitcoin?

  • Security. Buying airline tickets with Bitcoin gives you 100% control of your funds.
  • Full control. The banks don’t control your personal Bitcoin wallet like they would your fiat account, only you have true access and control of the Bitcoin in your account.
  • Blockchain tech. The payments will also be much more secure, as the transactions are occurring on the blockchain.
  • Privacy. No one can steal your funds unless you give them the codes to access your wallets.
  • Track your payments. Any payments are also stored on the blockchain giving you a full transaction list made from your cryptocurrency wallet.  

How and Where to Buy Bitcoin 

Before you start purchasing your flight tickets with cryptocurrencies you’ll need to exchange your fiat for Bitcoin. This is fairly easy and can be accomplished in several countries across the globe. The best options are to either go to Coinbase or Binance to buy your coins. Exchanges will accept fiat payments for exchanges directly. However, you can also deposit fiat and trade that fiat into Bitcoin giving more flexibility on your buy-in price, where you can set buy orders where you like.

We recommend having a wallet ready for your Bitcoin as well. Good wallets include; Trezor, Ledger, Exodus, SoFi, and Robinhood. Ensure to keep your wallet keys safe and secure. These are the access codes to your wallets, you lose those and all the Bitcoin is lost.

Where to buy air tickets with Bitcoin?

There are tons of sites that let users book flights with bitcoin. These sites have flights prepared and show the price in the native fiat currency for the country. During the final transaction, stage payments are made in BTC. So what are some of the top sites that allow you to buy airline tickets with Bitcoin? Here’s a shortlist:

  • Alternative Airlines: browse flights from over 600 airlines and pay for them using Bitcoin.
  • Destinia: book hotels, apartments, flights and cars and explore various travel-related services.
  • easy booking process, cheap flight tickets, 18 years of experience
  • Airbaltic: Latvian airline Air Baltic Corporation AS (airBaltic) connects the Baltic states and the world and accepts crypto
  • Bitcoin.Travel: book your travel with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to find cheap flight tickets and accommodation
  • Peach Aviation Airlines: Japanese budget airline based in Tajiri, Osaka, the first Japanese airline to accept Bitcoin
  • Singapore Airlines: flag carrier airline of Singapore with its hub at Singapore Changi Airport using blockchain to help flyers maximize their loyalty points

Quite a few of these companies work within the European region offering flights in countries such as Spain and Latvia. However, one of the biggest names mentioned in the Bitcoin.Travel site is mainly created for the US market, so if you’re in the states then this website is recommended for you. It was featured on news outlets such as Forbes, Time, CNBC, and The New York Times, making it a popular site to book airline tickets with American airline Bitcoin users.

Japan airlines such as Peach Aviation were one of the first Japanese airlines to accept Bitcoin payments to book flights. Peach airlines’ Bitcoin acceptance occurred in 2017 when the big crypto pump was happening. It brought a lot of traction to the company letting users know they could pay for flights with cryptocurrency.

peach airlines bitcoin

Singapore Airlines also accepted crypto payments. They also started off a loyalty program which allows people to buy products with specific merchants. Singapore’s airlines cryptocurrency program took off in 2018 and is currently a successful program for people who like flying with the company. 

How to Buy Air Tickets with Bitcoin

For this section, we will go through how to buy tickets with Bitcoin. This section will go through specifically how it can be accomplice through Bitcoin.Travel website. Before following these steps we recommend purchasing your Bitcoins and having them ready for the payment at the end. 

1. Pick Your Destination

We begin with deciding on where you want to go on your trip, pick the date, number of passengers, and first-class or standard. From here press the search button and begin picking the right flight for you.

How to Buy Air Flight Tickets with Cryptocurrencies

2. Select the Flights 

From here you’ll be able to pick from several available flights across the day and have the option to change the days. The options will be for different airlines and companies. So when you select your ticket you’ll be redirected to another site. This may not occur on other websites however the following steps will be similar. 

Where to buy air tickets with Bitcoin?

3. Personal & Payment Details

From here input all your personal details where required and ensure everything is written correctly. You don’t want to end up at the airport, and they turn around and don’t let you board because one number was written wrong.

From here select your payment type. Here we will select the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency option. Once completed press the next button and follow the final step. 

4. Final Bitcoin Payment

Paying in Bitcoin requires the company’s Bitcoin wallet. The airline will provide you with a wallet address or QR code you can scan to send the Bitcoin. If it’s a wallet address ensure to copy and past that exactly the same into your wallet when paying. A tip here is to check the first and last letter of the address. Usually, people forget either the first few letters and the last few letters when copy and pasting.

These steps will be slightly different for other airlines that accept Bitcoin. However, this general outline can be used when purchasing on several other websites as the paying in Bitcoin doesn’t vary. 

Final Thoughts

Airlines that accept Bitcoin are becoming more well known across the globe. If you’re a person who’s looking to buy airline tickets with cryptocurrencies, then the tie is finally here. Ensure to use the recommended sites mentioned here today. Happy travels on your journey across the globe.