Which businesses should try recurring payments in Nano?

Using blockchain technology, Nano creates an environment for next-generation peer-to-peer transactions. Nano is a coin designed for widespread daily use. This explains why XNO is so popular among retailers and other enterprises. The XNO currency is Nano’s native coin. Nano may be employed in a variety of settings due to its great efficiency and versatility. For instance, with the aid of NOWPayments, subscription services and other organizations that utilize the recurring payments model can quickly integrate XNO payments.

Which businesses should try recurring payments in Nano?

Key points:

  • XNO is a free-to-use cryptocurrency.
  • XNO-paid subscriptions can benefit Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and many other companies.
  • NOWPayments’ Recurring Invoicing API helps subscription services get paid in XNO.

What is Nano crypto?

Nano’s technology is what distinguishes XNO from the competition. It is a highly efficient network that processes transactions promptly and free of charge. The Open Representative Voting (ORV) consensus mechanism lies at the heart of Nano, providing security and exceptional efficiency through delegated weight-based voting. It is a lightweight consensus that avoids the competitive, energy-intensive actions of other networks. As a result, users benefit from a quick and energy-efficient Nano network. The Nano network is genuinely unique, and it is by far the most important driver of XNO’s mass adoption. People like XNO because of its network’s incredible efficiency.

XNO can bring a myriad of benefits to businesses that decide to accept it as payment. For instance, XNO transactions are peer-to-peer, which allows businesses and customers to avoid the involvement of third parties. Another vital feature of XNO is that it is permissionless, meaning that anyone can use it. There is no authority that can ban you from using XNO coins, so it is open to everyone and available 24/7. The unrestricted access to XNO makes it a universal payment solution which can be useful for companies that want to sell their products across the entire world. Finally, as mentioned above, the Nano network does not charge users any fees. Businesses, therefore, can get payments without spending a penny on fees.

What is the recurring custodial payment tool by NOWPayments

NOWPayments’ recurring invoicing lets enterprises, services, and individuals send recurring bills in XNO to an infinite number of customers worldwide. Users can adjust the intervals when invoices will be sent to their clients. The invoices are sent automatically over email. Users can personalize each invoice or apply the same settings to an unlimited number of invoices.

When utilizing NOWPayments, users are charged a flat fee of 0.5% on each transaction. Thus, the overall amount paid in fees is insignificant, and it has little bearing on the payment received by the user. NOWPayments promptly processes any cryptocurrency payments made by your clients and delivers them directly to your payout address. Users also may enable the auto-conversion feature, allowing them to instantly convert the crypto they receive to fiat.

Which businesses will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano


Adobe will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Adobe is a brand known virtually to every person on the planet. The company’s primary product Adobe Creative Cloud is, without doubt, the most popular suite of programs for creatives such as artists, videographers, designers, and filmmakers. Adobe CC features over 20 software products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and other world-class programs that dominate their segments by a wide margin. Adobe famously relies on the subscription model, requiring clients to shell out at least $19.99/mo. Perhaps, using XNO as a payment method instead of the conventional solutions could help Adobe reduce its expenses and thus be able to bring down its subscription price slightly.


Netflix will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Netflix is the world’s biggest entertainment provider that serves content to more than 200 million users in dozens of countries. Netflix’s selection of content includes TV shows, documentaries, and feature films in a wide range of genres and languages.

The coolest thing about Netflix is that once you pay for the service, you may watch as much content as you want, whenever and wherever you want, and on any device. Netflix can begin featuring XNO payments in order to enable users to pay for their subscriptions in an anonymous way.

Apple Music

Apple Music will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Apple Music is the largest audio streaming platform on the planet, with over 100 million paid subscribers. It is an incredible source of music and podcasts, and its library has everything from everyone’s favorite artists to new indie bands.

Apple Music is a fantastic way to discover new music, but one of its weaknesses is that some of its payment methods take a long time to process subscription payments. If Apple Music were to add XNO to its list of payment solutions, it would be able to significantly accelerate the payment process and let users enjoy the service even more.


Tesla will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

In the past, it was difficult to imagine a world where a car could drive itself, but Tesla has made the dream a reality. The company offers Full Self-Driving Capability as an extra feature, allowing you to access it by paying for a subscription. This means that anyone who purchases a Tesla vehicle can have their car drive itself.

Tesla already accepts Dogecoin for some of its products and can expand its crypto payment options list. Elon Musk should definitely look into using XNO as a payment method, as it delivers incredible efficiency, which is especially valued by the famous billionaire and entrepreneur.


Amazon will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

People pay for the Amazon Prime subscription because it provides them with fast shipping times at no additional cost. The service also gives users access to video content and other benefits. But there is one thing that Amazon is lacking: payment options that are convenient and easy to use.

XNO is a great fit for Amazon because it will be beneficial both for the consumer and the company. Clients will be able to pay lower prices since XNO does not have any transaction fees, while Amazon can get an influx of new customers who are interested in purchasing products with cryptocurrency.


Microsoft will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Microsoft is best known as a software company; however, it also owns several hardware brands including Xbox, Surface Pro, and HoloLens. The company has offices in over 120 countries around the world. Microsoft has already been exploring different methods of accepting payments, like Bitcoin, but it is time to take it even further.

The XNO cryptocurrency could be used as a payment method for the Microsoft 365 subscription that includes apps such as Word and Excel. This will allow customers to easily purchase their subscriptions in a fast and convenient way. Additionally, Microsoft can offer subscription crypto payments for Xbox Game Pass.

The New York Times

The New York Times will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

The New York Times is a well-known and respected news source, but the company has struggled to make money in recent years.

The example of the New York Times shows that the newspaper industry is facing serious challenges, but cryptocurrencies can offer publishers an opportunity to attract new readers and encourage existing ones to commit more time and money to their products. The New York Times’ readership would benefit from being able to pay for subscriptions with XNO, which would also help expose them to this exciting new technology.


Slack will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Slack is one of the most popular workplace communication tools out there. It is a place where employees and clients can communicate with each other and their coworkers in real time, from any device.

Unfortunately, Slack does not let you pay for a subscription with cryptocurrency, preventing hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts from being able to pay for the services in a way, which is most convenient for them. Yet, Slack can solve this issue by providing users with XNO payments. The XNO cryptocurrency can help Slack to charge less for subscriptions and make more money on each sale.


Patreon will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

Patreon is a platform that allows users to support their favorite creators and get access to exclusive content in return. It is one of the most popular websites in the world, but it is seriously lagging behind in terms of crypto adoption. It is time for Patreon to catch up with the times because we are living in a world where thousands of people want to support their favorite artists and creators with cryptocurrency.

In order to continue staying ahead of the competition, Pateron needs to let users pay for subscriptions with the XNO cryptocurrency.


YouTube will benefit from recurring custodial payments in Nano

The YouTube platform is a great place to watch videos and learn about a variety of topics. It is also one of the most frequently used platforms to share and discuss cryptocurrency. One problem is that it does not let users pay for Premium subscriptions with cryptocurrency.

Similarly, it does not allow users to get channel memberships with crypto. Subsequently, YouTube is losing a lot of profit by refusing to offer crypto as a payment option. Yet, by featuring XNO payments, it can address this situation and get an inflow of fresh users who will be excited to pay with crypto.

How to accept Nano custodial recurring payments?

Here is how you can set up Recurring invoices:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
How to accept Nano custodial recurring payments?
  1. Provide your XNO payout address.
How to accept Nano custodial recurring payments?
  1. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  2. Set up a recurring payments plan.


XNO is Nano’s native cryptocurrency that has zero transaction fees and an extremely fast processing speed. Subscription services can accept XNO as a payment method using NOWPayments.

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