How to accept Nano coin on PrestaShop

Skeptics often criticize cryptocurrency transactions for being too costly and usually cite the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which indeed at times experience fee cost issues. Yet, what these critics usually try to avoid is mentioning unique projects such as Nano that simply do not charge users a single penny for conducting transactions. Zero-cost $XNO transactions are something online merchants should be especially keen on integrating. NOWPayments lets every store that uses PrestaShop accept XNO payments via a non-custodial and reliable plugin.

How to accept Nano coin on PrestaShop

Key points:

What is Nano currency?

Nano is the native cryptocurrency of the Nano project. The XNO cryptocurrency has extremely fast transactions and absolutely zero fees. XNO is intended for conducting transactions and its key mission is to provide every person on the planet with a chance to send money efficiently and in a peer-to-peer manner. XNO coins also have a relatively low cost which makes them accessible to the average user. Essentially, the Nano crypto is the money of the future available to everyone already today. This is why it is so popular among merchants that prefer to accept it as a means of payment.

Pros and cons of accepting Nano crypto on PrestaShop


Unlimited peer-to-peer transfers

Unlimited peer-to-peer transfers

Given the current market conditions, companies are searching for ways to build a worldwide presence and offer their products to consumers worldwide.

The problem is that today’s finance system regularly stifles global trade. For example, bank transfers might take several days to process, impacting both shopping experiences. Nano cryptocurrency payments are faster than bank transfers and take less than five seconds because they are peer-to-peer. Furthermore, transaction speeds are identical irrespective of where the sender and receiver reside. As a result, if you operate a firm and want to expand really worldwide, implementing $XNO cryptocurrency payments may be helpful.



Sustainability is the latest idea that is sweeping the economic sector. Customers choose to purchase stuff from firms that seek to be ecologically sound and have a minimal carbon impact. Nano does not require massive volumes of power to function.

It is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies. As a consequence, eco-conscious businesses may utilize XNO as a payment mechanism to fulfill the harshest sustainability criteria. Enabling Nano payments can establish your company as an environmentally responsible organization, which may help you attract more potential clients.

Private and feeless payments

Private and feeless payments

Cryptocurrencies are intended to be completely anonymous. To send crypto transactions, for example, users are not forced to register on dodgy websites or divulge their names. In addition to providing excellent privacy, Nano outperforms the competition by providing free Nano coin transactions.

Simply said, by using XNO to power your business, you may save a large amount of money on fees by avoiding them altogether.


Rate of adoption

One of the key problems of cryptocurrencies is a relatively slow rate of adoption. So, it is not like everyone uses them and is ready to spend their coins on products at any moment. At the same time, Nano has a massive community many members of which actively utilize their crypto funds including by buying stuff.


The Nano coin, just like any other crypto on the market, experiences occasional fluctuations. So, its price is not stable. Although in the case of Nano the changes are usually negligible it still may not sit well with some merchants. In order to overcome the problem of fluctuations, you can use NOWPayments’ auto-conversion feature that will instantly convert your Nano to fiat.

How to accept Nano payments on PrestaShop?

In order to begin accepting Nano payments on PrestaShop, you will need to create a NOWPayments account and install a special plugin. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account.
Register a NOWPayments account.
  1. Enter your public Nano payout address.
Enter your public Nano payout address
  1. Go to “Payment settings” and generate your API key.
  1.  Download the PrestaShop plugin.
How to accept Nano payments on PrestaShop?

Next, log in to your PrestaShop account:

  1. Navigate to the “Module” section.
  2. Upload the NOWPayments PrestaShop archive.
  3. Click on the “Configure” button.
Accept Nano payments on PrestaShop
  1. Enter your API key and IPN secret key.
  2. Click “Save”.


NOWPayments provides a secure and non-custodial plugin letting PrestaShop merchants deploy Nano payments.

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