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Payment tools for accepting crypto payments

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Our crypto payment gateway can easily integrate into major CMS solutions like WooCommerce, Magento 2, Zencart, OpenCart, and WHMCS. If you own an online store and want to enable payments in cryptocurrency, simply install one of our plugins! We provide detailed installation instructions and support if you encounter any difficulties!


import axios from 'axios';
axios.get(`https://api.nowpayments.io/v1/estimate`, {
    params: { amount: 100, currency: 'BTC' }
    headers: {'x-api-key': 'your_api_key'}
}).then((response) => {


$client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client();
$response = $client->request('GET', 'https://api.nowpayments.io/v1/estimate', [
    'query' => [ amount: 100, currency: 'BTC' ],
    'headers' => [
        'x-api-key' => 'your_api_key'
var_dump(json_decode($response->getBody()->getContents(), true));



Our payment gateway API offers instant payment notifications (IPN), and it simplifies customized integration of our crypto payment service into your website, platform, or mobile app. Also, our payment API supports using several payments for one order. This way, customers can pay a part in BTC, a part in ETH, and so on! For testing purposes, check out our sandbox environment!

Invoices Invoices Invoices


The invoice payment format allows people to pay in your online store in fewer steps, which simplifies their path and in the end, brings you more profits. Invoices incorporate all the payment info all in one place – making payments easier than ever!

Billing Billing Billing


Create sub-accounts for your users and manage their funds. You can top up the balances, charge payments, or accrue rewards. By using Billing, you simplify the flow of funds between you and your customers.

Point-of-Sale Terminal Point-of-Sale Terminal Point-of-Sale Terminal
Point-of-Sale Terminal

Point-of-Sale Terminal

A simple Point-of-Sale software integration with NOWPayments will offer your customers an easy way to spend their crypto in your offline store. Enjoy such benefits as quick payments, simple invoicing and the ability to manage your transactions.

Custom Solutions Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We take pride in being a client-friendly service. If you can’t find anything that fits your needs but would still like to accept or send crypto payments, just hit us up and we’ll come up with something that suits your needs the best!

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