How will charities benefit from Ravencoin?

Cryptocurrency is a quick and easy way to make payments. This is why numerous businesses let their customers pay for goods and services in Bitcoin and altcoins. At the same time, payments are not the only option; crypto donations are another excellent method to use cryptocurrency. Charities searching for crypto to accept as a donation method should strongly consider Ravencoin, since it performs far better than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other prominent cryptocurrencies. Using unique tools like links and buttons, NOWPayments enables charities and non-profit organizations to receive Ravencoin coins as donations.

How will charities benefit from Ravencoin?

Key points:

  • RVN can be accepted by medical, educational, cultural, and many other charities.
  • RVN donations bring transparency and privacy to charities’ operations.
  • Get RVN coin donations via NOWPayments.

What kind of charities will benefit from RVN?


Medical charities will benefit from RVN

The majority of the world’s population continues to lack access to high-quality medical treatment. Charities attempting to solve this issue require worldwide help, particularly from citizens whose nations afford significant healthcare packages.

Because of the rapidity with which RVN transactions occur, the Ravencoin cryptocurrency provides a way of donating that medical charities can particularly benefit from. Faster donations ensure that charity may obtain much-needed resources faster and, as a result, deliver services to those in need more promptly. Global Outreach Doctors, for example, is one of the organizations that operate around the world to provide life-saving assistance to children and adults. Because of their quickness, RVN currency donations can provide significant value to such an organization.


Enviroment charities will benefit from RVN

The global environmental crisis and substantial climatic changes are forcing more people and organizations to reevaluate many of their everyday operations and activities.

Environmental charities play an important role in avoiding the misuse of global ecosystems and teaching individuals how to interact with nature in a less harmful way.

Despite relying on a Proof-of-Work consensus, which many environmental activities have a bone to pick with, the Ravencoin network has a carbon footprint much lower than Bitcoin’s. In other words, Ravencoin does not consume large volumes of electricity which makes it a viable donation option for environmental non-profits. Rainforest Alliance is an example of a charity that could potentially successfully integrate RVN donations.


Education charities will benefit from RVN

There is also a category of charities that seek to increase the literacy rate across the entire world by letting every person have access to vital knowledge and skills.

Today, many regions, especially in less developed countries, experience a dire need for educational facilities, and hundreds of organizations are working to meet this demand.

United World Schools is an international education charity that builds schools, empowers communities, and transforms children’s lives in the poorest parts of the planet. RVN donations can help such charities to maintain better transparency and accountability. Essentially, all operations on the Ravencoin blockchain are public. So, charities can provide information to their donors on every aspect of their fund-raising campaigns done in RVN.

Culture & Community

Culture and community charities will benefit from RVN

Non-profits that engage in the promotion of culture and support for certain communities are equally as important as those which provide educational services. There are many peoples and tribes on the planet whose cultures and way of life have been negatively affected by numerous factors over the past centuries.

Therefore, it is essential that these communities receive assistance in order to address their pressing problems. For example, Native American Heritage Association offers support to the native tribes of North America. RVN donations can help such organizations receive donations at a low cost for the donor because RVN transactions have low fees.


Wildlife charities will benefit from RVN

There are charities that work relentlessly to safeguard and restore vulnerable species. Climate changes and overexploitation are the primary threats to the safety of wildlife around the world. Animal protection organizations assume the responsibility to defend those who cannot protect themselves.

The World Wildlife Fund is one of those animal conservation organizations that can integrate RVN as a global donation solution to let all people on the planet make a donation.

What makes Ravencoin a great choice for any non-profit?

Slash costs

Slash costs

Organizations that accept donations are frequently concerned about the size of the fees that they and their donors must cover to conduct transactions. Banks impose exorbitant fees on all transactions, which discourages many people from contributing their funds to organizations.

However, crypto donations done in RVN solve this problem by helping to reduce fee costs. An average RVN transaction will require you to pay less than $0.1 in fees. This implies you may accept RVN currency donations without losing a substantial portion of the money.

Make donations accessible to everyone

Make donations accessible to everyone

Sending donations via banks may get tricky, as every country on the planet has different laws and regulations concerning international money transfers. This makes it difficult to make donation transactions because they get subject to delays and high costs.

In some instances, people simply do not have the ability to donate to an organization registered in another country.

Ravencoin disregards all borders. Because RVN transactions are peer-to-peer, no institutions such as banks are required to confirm or process them. RVN transactions are quick and easy to complete and may be transmitted from anywhere to anyone.

Ensure anonymity

Ensure anonymity

Ravencoin is a completely anonymous technology. Essentially, you may enjoy a high level of anonymity by utilizing RVN at all times. RVN transactions are not linked to users’ personal information and you do not need to submit any personal information in order to use RVN.

There is no official registration process or KYC mechanism in place. To utilize RVN, just generate private and public keys. Charities who have contributors who do not want to reveal their personal information might accept RVN as an anonymous donation method.

Offer exemplary transparency

Offer exemplary transparency

Transparency is essential for every charity. If you raise funds for a cause, you must demonstrate that the funds contributed by hundreds of individuals were used for the intended purpose. The Ravencoin blockchain is ideal for increasing the transparency of nonprofits.

Because Ravencoin is a public blockchain, everyone may access information about the transactions and public addresses that it hosts. If a charity chose to reveal its RVN deposit address, everyone on the planet will be able to see how much money was raised and how much was spent.

Get new donors

Get new donors

Ravencoin‘s most valuable asset is its community of investors, programmers, and enthusiasts who care about the cryptocurrency and want it to succeed. Every RVN use case is actively supported and promoted by Ravencoiners.

Charities may create a new use case for RVN by simply accepting RVN donations. This has the potential to attract the attention of a large number of RVN investors to your project.

How to accept Ravencoin donations

NOWPayments is a Ravencoin payment gateway that processes both payments and donations in the RVN crypto. The service offers extra convenience to its partners and their clients, enabling them to greatly facilitate the entire process of accepting cryptocurrencies. In order to deploy Ravencoin token donations, you can use one of the three tools:


NOWPayments enables charities to accept RVN donations in a fast and reliable way across the entire world.

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