Ravencoin (RVN) on ecommerce plugins

The growing eCommerce sector is forcing online businesses to look for new ways to gain a competitive advantage to differentiate themselves from others. Cryptocurrency can be a great solution for gaining the edge over competitors for shops that sell their goods and services online. For instance, by deploying Ravencoin as a payment method, merchants can present their clients with a private and reliable way of paying for products. NOWPayments has designed special plugins which allow merchants that host their stores on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, WHMCS, Shopify, and OpenCart to accept RVN as payment.

Key Points:

  • RVN is the native currency of the Ravencoin blockchain.
  • NOWPayments’ plugins let online stores accept RVN as payment.
  • The plugins are inexpensive to use and easy to deploy.

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a blockchain based on the source code of Bitcoin. The core idea behind Ravencoin was to improve the existing technology of Bitcoin to make it more relevant for the modern decentralized economy. This implied ensuring seamless transactions of assets and resolving the issues inherent to Bitcoin such as high fees and prolonged transaction confirmation times. Ravencoin was launched in 2018 and today constitutes one of the most prominent networks in the industry, especially in the Proof-of-Work realm. The mining algorithm used by Ravencoin was developed to establish mining decentralization, and, as a result, RVN can be mined using any equipment including standard GPUs.

Benefits of accepting RVN with e-commerce plugins

Ease of deployment

NOWPayments’ eCommerce plugins for RVN do not require investing in any special equipment such as Point-of-Sale terminals. In fact, merchants only need to create an account on the official website of NOWPayments, generate an API key, and install a plugin of their choice. Once they have done it, they are ready to accept RVN.

Low fees

The deployment of NOWPayments’ plugins is free. Essentially, merchants can feature an RVN as a payment method absolutely free of charge without paying for a subscription or any other monthly charges. NOWPayments charges its clients a small fee (starting from 0.4% per transaction) only when it processes a transaction of the merchant.

Automatic processing

The plugins compatible with different eCommerce platforms are also fully automatic. Basically, merchants do not need to create and send invoices to their clients each time they want to accept a payment. The plugins do it automatically only sending a notification to the merchant that payment was successfully made.

Best plugins to accept Ravencoin


WooCommerce accepts Ravecoin

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform built on top of WordPress, the most well-known platform for managing web content. There are virtually hundreds of thousands of online stores using WooCommerce. Today, all of them have an opportunity to set up a Ravencoin payment gateway and offer their clients to pay in RVN using a special plugin designed by NOWPayments.


PrestaShop accepts Ravecoin

PrestaShop is a great choice for companies that want to deploy their online store in a fast manner and start selling products right away. The platform’s user-friendly design makes the whole process of rolling out a store easy. NOWPayments offers a special PrestaShop plugin that lets stores accept RVN.


WHMCS accepts Ravencoin

WHMCS is a reputable web-hosting automation software utilized by many eCommerce enterprises. WHMCS provides an all-in-one package solution that fully corresponds to the needs of online stores, from registering a web domain to payment automating. WHMCS RVN crypto plugin is an easy way to add RVN to your list of payment options.


Shopify accepts Ravencoin

Shopify is another well-regarded eCommerce platform. Shopify is used by nearly half a million actively running stores. Shopify presents a variety of tools to merchants to customize their digital window displays. Payment options are not an exception since Shopify businesses can let their customers pay at the checkout with RVN through a Ravencoin Shopify plugin.


OpenCart accepts Ravencoin

OpenCart is a solution in many aspects similar to WHMCS since it also lets merchants manage their online stores comprehensively. The coolest feature of OpenCart is that it is distributed free of charge. OpenCart’s selection of payment methods is rather diverse, and thanks to NOWPayments’ Ravencoin crypto plugin, it also includes RVN.


Ravencoin is a blockchain that managed to significantly improve Bitcoin technology, which makes it perfect for eCommerce. NOWPayments offers several plugins allowing merchants using different platforms to accept Ravencoin payment.