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What is IPN?

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What is IPN?

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN), or callbacks, are the way we notify you of the transaction status updates. This tool is available if you’ve integrated with NOWPayments through the API.

IPNs are a little more sophisticated than regular push notifications, but once you set them up, they will become a helpful tool to get instant payment updates.

IPNs are sent to your server as HTTP queries. To set them up, follow this guide in the API docs. This will require some tech skills — if something is unclear and you need help, feel free to ask for assistance at [email protected], we are available 24/7.

To start with IPN, you’ll need a Secret key. It protects from fraud and helps verify the authenticity of the transaction status message. To generate this key, enter your Account and head on to the Store Settings tab. Scroll down to this section:

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Please save this key in secure storage — we only show it once for security reasons.

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