How to Accept Custodial Recurring Payments in KISHU

Recurring payments are used in a great variety of industries. This is because they provide extra convenience to businesses and their consumers. NOWPayments’ Custodial Recurring Payments feature makes it possible for companies to generate private accounts for clients that they can replenish with numerous cryptocurrencies, including Kishu Inu. By utilizing such accounts, clients will be able to top up their balance once and then spend their money on any product or service they desire without any additional transactions. Deploy Custodial Recurring Payments in KISHU for free via NOWPayments.

Key points:

  • The Custodial Recurring Payments tool lets businesses create personal crypto accounts for clients.
  • The tool ensures instant payment processing and prevents chargeback fraud.
  • Use NOWPayments to begin accepting Custodial Recurring Payments in KISHU.

What Is the Custodial Recurring Payments Feature?

Custodial Recurring Payments explained

The Custodial Recurring Payments feature is a tool that enables businesses to accept crypto payments from their clients on a regular basis.

The tool allows businesses to establish custodial accounts for each client, which can be funded with the available cryptocurrency, including the Kishu Inu token. These accounts let their clients securely store their digital assets and utilize them to access various services that the business offers.

Compared to other solutions by NOWPayments, the tool in question provides more convenience to both enterprises and their customers, as it allows them to automate a considerable chunk of the payment process. Basically, businesses can use this solution to help their customers to avoid the need to make a separate transaction each time they wish to make a purchase.

Recurring Payments vs. Custodial Recurring Payments

NOWPayments also lets you use the standard Recurring Payments tool. The Recurring Payments feature relies on recurring invoices. Companies can configure the frequency and the amount of the invoice, as well as the email address of the client who should receive these invoices. The Recurring Payments tool is ideal for subscription services, which charge their clients regularly.

Who can benefit from using Custodial Recurring Payments

The Custodial Recurring Payments tool can be successfully implemented by a wide range of services. For instance, the iGaming industry businesses, such as online gambling venues can deploy the Custodial Recurring Payments and, thus, make it possible for their clients to utilize cryptocurrencies to play various games on the platform.

Providers of trading services can integrate the tool to get the option of allowing their customers to top up their account balances with cryptocurrencies and employ digital assets in their trading operations. With this feature enabled, trading platforms’ clients can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies and make stock trades with crypto such as the KISHU token.

How Can Different Projects Benefit from KISHU Payments?

Online marketplaces also can benefit from the Custodial Recurring payments solution. Specifically, they can give their clients a chance to add crypto funds to their balance and then use them to buy various products.

How Can Different Projects Benefit from KISHU Payments?

Instant payments

Instant payments

The Custodial Recurring Payments tool automates transaction processing in real time. This means that whenever your clients decide to top up their account with the Kishu Inu coin, the sum of the transaction gets immediately credited to their balance.

NOWPayments’ technology facilitates a quick and efficient transfer process, ensuring that transactions are completed in a timely manner. This is particularly important for businesses that need to make sure that their clients have a smooth user experience and can move their money in and out of the platform without delays.

Borderless transactions

Borderless transactions

Additionally, the tool is incredibly useful for businesses that wish to offer their services to international clients. Thanks to the Custodial Recurring Payments, businesses can accept payments from anyone, regardless of their location.

It lets you forget about the hassle of maintaining several payment systems in order to ensure clients living in different countries have the ability to pay. Instead, you can manage all of the payments using one convenient tool.

Low fee

Low fee

The Custodial Recurring Payments will require to pay a fee of just 0.5% per transaction. So, if you are looking for a way to let your clients pay in Kishu Inu or any other cryptocurrency but do not want to break the bank, NOWPayments’ solution is what you need.

There are no setup or maintenance fees, or any other type of hidden cost. This is good news not only for you but also for your clients since they will not have to throw away money on extortionate fees to simply add funds to their balance.

Zero chargeback

Zero chargeback

NOWPayments’ Custodial Recurring Payments tool also solves the problem of refunds and chargeback fraud in particular. Since cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible they cannot be undone once sent.

Therefore, by using NOWPayments, businesses will not face a situation when they will be stripped of their money because of scammers taking advantage of the chargeback feature. This is why the Custodial Recurring Payments tool is not only efficient but also capable of safeguarding your funds.

How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?

In order to begin using the Custodial Recurring Payments API, you will first need to enable the Custody feature in your NOWPayments account. Here is how you can do it:

  1. First, create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Provide your KISHU payout address.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Custody” section.
How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?
  1. Read the Custody Solution user agreement, agree to the terms, and press “Continue.”
How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?
  1. Provide your IP address, which you plan to use to send salaries, check the box to agree to the Custody Solution terms, and press “Continue.”
How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?
  1. You may be shown a page saying that the Balances feature is temporarily unavailable for you, but it will be removed in a couple of minutes.
How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?
  1. Once the system is ready to process your transactions, it will show you the following page:
How to Start Using Custodial Recurring Payments with KISHU?
  1. Now, you can follow the guide on how to implement the Custodial Recurring Payments and deploy the tool. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


The KISHU cryptocurrency can be easily integrated by businesses that accept recurring payments. The Custodial Recurring Payments API is an efficient tool for deploying KISHU payments.

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