How Software Providers Can Benefit from DGB Crypto

Software providers need to stay at the cutting edge of technology to create relevant products for their clients. Keeping up with the latest and greatest solutions affects every aspect of software companies, including the way they handle payments. This is why we see so many tech businesses accepting crypto as a payment option these days, which is not surprising since they were instrumental in the incredible advancement of the crypto sphere over the past decade. The DigiByte coin is one of the all-time favorites of software companies because it shares the same passion for progress and continuous improvement. By using NOWPayments, software companies can accept DGB payments quickly and effortlessly.

How Software Providers Can Benefit from DGB Crypto

Key points:

  • DigiByte’s efficient network and active community make it a viable payment option for software companies.
  • DGB lower expenses and offers a more secure and private way of making payments.
  • Software providers can use NOWPayments to deploy DigiByte coin payments.

Benefits of DigiByte

Rocket-fast transactions

Rocket-fast transactions

DigiByte block confirmation time stands at 15 seconds, which is a 40x improvement in speed compared to Bitcoin and a 10x one over Litecoin. DigiByte’s use of SegWit, a technology that reduces the size of blocks, has made it capable of processing up to 1060 transactions per second.

This means that DigiByte users get to enjoy the ability to send their DGB coins to another person living on the other side of the world in just a couple of minutes. The performance demonstrated by DigiByte is envied by many blockchains, including those that utilize the most recent technologies but still fail to attain similar results.

Advanced security

Advanced security

DigiByte also achieves excellence in terms of the security of its network. This is due to its reliance on the best solutions and practices in the industry. For instance, DigiByte maintains a high level of decentralization by offering 5 different mining algorithms.

This prevents users with the most powerful hardware from gaining full control over the network and stripping those with less capable equipment of the ability to mine. Subsequently, DigiByte has a reliable system in place against any kind of attacks on its infrastructure by malicious actors. The project is also completely community-run and it does not have a greedy CEO preoccupied only with lining their pockets.

Driven by innovation

Driven by innovation

As can already be seen, DigiByte is an innovation-oriented blockchain that is no stranger to integrating the most advanced solutions the market has to offer. DigiByte’s willingness to adopt better ways of doing things is what gives it its advantage.

For instance, the network was among the first major blockchains to introduce Dandelion++, a privacy-enhancing tool to help users obfuscate their addresses. Thanks to this technology, DigiByte users now can transfer crypto across the network in a much more private manner. Another example worth mentioning is Digi-ID, which is a security protocol, deployed on DigiByte facilitating the process of signing in to apps and websites for users.

Active community

Active community

Another strength of DigiByte is, of course, its community of users, developers, and fans who promote the blockchain and contribute to its growth in different ways. The community is perhaps the key component that companies need to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency to accept as payment.

There are over one million DigiByte addresses, which shows the impressive size of the project’s community. Businesses can instantly turn all of these people into their prospective clients simply by enabling DGB coin payments. Basically, DGB crypto payments can serve as a viable source of competitive advantage for companies, especially those operating in the software realm.

How Can Software Providers Benefit from DigiByte?

Low fees

DigiByte transactions will not cost you and your clients an arm and a leg, especially compared to the popular mainstream choices. On average, a DGB transaction will set you back only a couple of cents. As a result, you will get to keep more of your profits and, potentially, will have a chance to reduce the prices of your products. Additionally, when using NOWPayments to process your payments in DGB, you will only need to pay a 0.5% service fee per transaction. There are no setup or maintenance fees, so you pay only when you use NOWPayments’ tools.


Using DGB also does not entail the obligation to go through verification or a formal registration process. DigiByte does not ask you for your ID or phone number. Instead, you only need to generate your wallet address and memorize/save the seed phrase to begin accepting the DGB crypto. This helps to maintain the anonymity and privacy of both your company and your clients. NOWPayments also keeps the whole process KYC-free, if you decide to accept DGB payments using the basic tools. Thus, thanks to the DGB coin and NOWPayments, you can offer your clients a completely anonymous way of making a payment.

Instant payment processing worldwide

DigiByte is not restricted by any geographic boundaries, making DGB a truly international payment method. You can accept and send DGB from anywhere in the world. What’s more, the speed of DGB transactions always remains stable, no matter where you reside and how big the distance between you and your recipient or sender is. This makes DigiByte an excellent option for software providers that want to build a global brand and reach clients in every part of the globe. NOWPayments does not slow down DGB transactions, as it processes them instantly and automatically sends them to the client’s wallet address.


Although DigiByte crypto transactions are anonymous in the sense that they do not contain any personal info of the sender and the recipient, the information about DGB transactions is always accessible to the public. In other words, since every DGB transaction is recorded in the blockchain and stored on it forever, any person can read its data on the special explorer platform. This can help businesses to ensure superior transparency and accountability, letting them keep proper track of all the incoming payments, as well as outgoing expenses. All of your payment information is also available in your NOWPayments account which features a personalized analytics dashboard that is easy to navigate.


DGB payments are much more convenient than the traditional alternatives. It takes no more than 10 minutes to create your DigiByte crypto address and register an account on NOWPayments to begin accepting DigiByte crypto payments. Moreover, by choosing NOWPayments, you will get 24/7 support and a personal account manager ready to assist you in any situation arising on your journey.

Ways to Use DGB Crypto for Software Providers

NOWPayments is a DigiByte payment gateway. Software providers can utilize the free-to-deploy ready-made solutions from NOWPayments to accept DGB as a payment method. NOWPayments’ tools can fit any type of business:

NOWPayments can help clients along the entire integration process free of charge. The deployment process will not cost you anything. You will only need to pay a 0.5% fee per each transaction processed by NOWPayments.

Here is a guide on how to get started with NOWPayments:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account by entering your email and password.
Ways to Use DGB Crypto for Software Providers
  1. Type in your DigiByte coin wallet address.
Ways to Use DGB Crypto for Software Providers
  1. Go to “Settings” on the left sidebar, press “Payment settings,” and add a new API key if it has not been generated automatically.
Ways to Use DGB Crypto for Software Providers
  1. Go back to “Settings” and then press “Coins settings.” Choose DGB from the list of cryptocurrencies.
Ways to Use DGB Crypto for Software Providers
  1. Next, select your DGB payment solution from NOWPayments and deploy it using the provided instructions.


DigiByte helps software companies to take their payment process to another level. NOWPayments assists software providers in deploying DGB payments via special tools that make payment processing easy.

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