Benefits of accepting DigiByte coin on WHMCS

There is a whole slew of cryptocurrencies competing for the number one spot in the “fastest crypto” ranking. DigiByte is a coin that ranks near the top in this ranking thanks to its mind-blowing transaction processing speed. Specifically, it is 40 times faster than Bitcoin, which results in DGB transactions requiring only 15 seconds to complete which is on par with leading fiat-processing services such as Visa. WHMCS stores that are thinking of integrating a quick crypto payment method, therefore, can give it a try and see for themselves how DigiByte stacks up against the conventional payment options. You can begin accepting DGB on WHMCS using NOWPayments’ tools.

Benefits of accepting DigiByte coin on WHMCS

Key points:

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is an open-source blockchain that has been going strong since 2013. DigiByte maintains decentralization by relying only on the efforts of volunteers and its community. Additionally, the DigiByte coin utilizes five cryptographic algorithms in order to avoid mining centralization. DGB is the native coin of DigiByte, powering all the on-chain operations, as well as products in the DigiByte ecosystem. DigiByte can process up to 1066 DGB transactions per second. The high speed of DGB crypto transactions does not negatively affect fee costs. As a result, the average price you pay for sending DGB transactions is quite negligible.

Pros and cons of accepting DigiByte crypto on WHMCS


Simple deployment and no paperwork

Simple deployment and no paperwork

Setting up DGB payments does not require filling out forms or signing contracts with banks. You can generate your DGB payout address, install a plugin from NOWPayments, and start offering DGB payments to clients right away. This will not take more than 15 minutes.

What’s more, when you accept DGB, you do not have to worry about doing any paperwork since DigiByte records and stores all the info about every transaction forever. Thus, you always have access to the important financial info at hand and can check it anytime.

Efficient transactions

Efficient transactions

Quick transactions are a staple of DigiByte that can particularly benefit eCommerce stores. Online merchants usually seek to sell their products globally, but conventional payment methods may limit their ability to do it. For instance, some payment-processing services may not operate in certain regions.

Bank transfers, in their turn, are extremely inefficient, as they are both slow and expensive. Thus, DGB constitutes an excellent alternative to traditional means of payment. DigiByte can not only process transactions much faster than banks, but also can do it cheaply. On average, your customers will pay less than a cent to send you DGB.

Privacy and zero chargeback fraud

Privacy and zero chargeback fraud

The DigiByte blockchain is anonymous, meaning that users are not asked to reveal their identities when using it. In fact, DigiByte does not need any kind of personal info from you whatsoever. You are free to send and accept DGB transactions absolutely anonymously.

This feature of DGB attracts a considerable number of people to it. Thus, by featuring DGB payments businesses also can capitalize on this functionality and get new customers who value their privacy when shopping online. Another prominent advantage of DigiByte is the elimination of chargeback fraud. DGB transfers are irreversible, which implies that when you transfer an amount in DGB to another person you have no way to return this sum by utilizing a third party. Banks can often employ their chargeback capability to cancel transactions; however, fraudsters frequently misuse this tool. You can safeguard yourself against fraud by using DigiByte coin payments.


Number of holders

Although the DigiByte cryptocurrency easily outperforms Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two coins dominating the industry, in terms of speed and cost of transactions, it has fewer users than them. Still, there are plenty of people using the DigiByte crypto. Therefore, you are unlikely to face difficulty finding clients willing to pay with it.

Exchange rate

If you are not familiar with the crypto market, you may not know that cryptocurrencies, including DGB, may suffer from price fluctuations. Yet, you can avoid this problem by using the auto-conversion feature offered by NOWPayments. Essentially, you will be able to automatically convert your DGB to fiat once you receive a DGB payment.

How to accept DigiByte on WHMCS?

NOWPayments is a DigiByte payment gateway that helps eCommerce merchants to accept DGB payments. In order to begin accepting DGB payments on WHMCS, you will need to create a NOWPayments account and install a special plugin. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account.
Register a NOWPayments account.
  1. Enter your public DGB payout address.
Enter your public DGB payout address
  1. Go to “Payment settings” and generate your API key.
generate your API key
  1. Download the WHMCS plugin and follow the instructions on this page.
Download the WHMCS plugin


DGB is a quick and low-cost cryptocurrency, which is ideal for eCommerce merchants. Start accepting DGB coin payments on WHMCS via NOWPayments.

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