How to accept Digibyte donations on Twitch?

DigiByte is rightly recognized as one of the safest, fastest, and most decentralized blockchains available to users. The DigiByte blockchain is perfectly positioned for mass adoption thanks to its supply of 21 billion coins. DigiByte transactions are rocket-fast which makes them suitable for conducting global money transfers. There are over one million DGB coin holders, and thousands of them make DGB transactions on a daily basis. For many businesses and individuals, the DGB crypto is the go-to option for making and receiving payments in a reliable and efficient manner. Besides, DigiByte is a proper solution for Twitch streamers wanting to adopt a quick and borderless donation method. Use NOWPayments to begin accepting DigiByte donations on Twitch.

How to accept Digibyte donations on Twitch?

Key points:

DigiByte offers unparalleled efficiency.

DGB transactions are nearly instant and universally available.

Twitch streamers can receive DGB donations.

What is Digibyte coin?

The DigiByte coin is the native cryptocurrency of the DigiByte blockchain, a truly decentralized network that stands out thanks to its incredibly fast infrastructure. Compared to Bitcoin, DGB is 40x faster since its blocks emerge every 15 seconds. This is why DGB transactions are extremely quick. At the same time, DigiByte is fully decentralized, and it has never been funded through an ICO. The DigiByte network uses a Proof-of-Work consensus enabling users to earn rewards. DigiAssets is a secure layer built on top of the DigiByte network facilitating decentralized issuance of digital assets, tokens, smart contracts, and digital identity. The DGB coin is an essential element in the DigiByte ecosystem, and it is used as fuel to power the blockchain’s products.

Benefits of DGB donations

Lower expenses

Lower expenses

Fees are inseparable from any kind of money transfers. So, people are always trying to find ways to reduce them, and Twitch streamers are not an exception. The DigiByte network demonstrates a world-class efficiency translating into both quick transactions and low transaction fees.

Lower expenses potentially can encourage your audience members to send donations more actively. Basically, lower transaction costs can help you get more money. Traditional donation methods are much more costly compared to DigiByte. On average, it costs less than a cent to send a DGB crypto transaction, now, try comparing it to the fees charged by the mainstream donation processing services.

Mind-blowing speed

Mind-blowing speed

As mentioned above, one of DigiByte’s core competitive advantages is quick transactions. It is much faster to send DGB than BTC or ETH. DigiByte outperforms most blockchains, especially those using the Proof-of-Work mechanism.

Twitch streamers are particularly in need of swiftly-processed donations since donation messages constitute the primary means of communication for streamers and their audience. As a result, donations must ideally be instant. DGB transactions are finalized in several seconds. This feature of DGB can enable streamers to avoid major delays in their donations and the messages accompanying them, thus ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication with fans.

Peer-to-peer transfers

Peer-to-peer transfers with DGB

Twitch influencers can find DGB donations useful since they are fully peer-to-peer. There are no intermediaries on the DigiByte network. So, users transfer coins to one another directly with no middlemen between them. As a result, by receiving DGB donations, Twitch streamers can instantly access their funds the moment they enter the wallet.

Many traditional donation-processing services limit the size of the sums eligible for withdrawal. Alternatively, the withdrawal process may entail a need to pay a large fee. In the case of DGB, you have a chance to withdraw your money at any moment and convert it to any currency you like.

Universal access

Universal access

DGB donations also can play the role of a universal donation method. In other words, DGB is available to every person on the planet since it is permissionless. The DigiByte network does not have a KYC procedure, and DGB transactions can be sent to and from any part of the world.

By embracing DGB donations, influencers can let a larger number of people donate to them. Essentially, DigiByte cryptocurrency donations are an easy and universally accessible donation option which can be used by people who cannot utilize the mainstream donation solutions due to different reasons.

New subscribers and followers

New subscribers and followers

By deploying DGB donations, Twitch streamers create a new use case for DGB. This is always exciting for the DigiByte community, who enjoy exploring different ways of putting their coins to use. As mentioned, there are more than one million DGB holders.

Twitch streamers can attract the attention of a good share of these people to their content by simply featuring DGB donations. Since numerous DGB owners like to spend their coins, there is a chance that some of them will donate to you in DGB. Moreover, if they become interested in your content, you will get loyal fans willing to make DGB donations.

So… How can I accept DGB crypto on Twitch?

NOWPayments offers several tools for featuring DGB donations. The donation button is the most suitable solution for Twitch streamers. You can add the donation button to your Twitch page, while your audience members can press the button and send you a donation in DGB.

If you consider implementing a DGB donation button, follow these steps: 

  • Sign up for a NOWPayments account. You can do this via this link.
  • Specify the cryptocurrency and the crypto wallet.
  • Generate an API Key.
Generate an API Key.
  • Go to the Donations menu in your Dashboard, choose the donation button style, select an API key, and copy the code.
  • Place a crypto donation on your Twitch page.
Place a crypto donation button  on your Twitch page.


NOWPayments, a Digibyte payment gateway, lets Twitch streamers accept DGB donations using a donation button.

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