How charities benefit from DigiByte coin?

If you were to name the quickest, most trusted, and most decentralized blockchain, which project would be the first to cross your mind? We are sure, that many of you instantly thought of DigiByte, and with good reason. The DigiByte blockchain is gradually gaining wider adoption thanks to being so efficient. Due to its lightning-fast transactions, the DigiByte coin is excellent for remittances. The million-holder-strong community of DGB also makes it one of the most extensively used cryptocurrencies. These factors people enable many charities to accept donations in DGB. If you need a rapid and global donation method, DigiByte is your choice. NOWPayments‘ donation features let anyone start accepting DigiByte crypto donations in less than 5 minutes and without KYC.

How charities benefit from DigiByte coin?

Key points:

  • DGB donations can be used by healthcare, educational, and other charities.
  • DGB donations are instant and global.
  • Get DGB donations via NOWPayments.

What kind of charities will especially benefit from DGB?



Quality medical services continue to remain inaccessible for most people on the planet. Charities working to challenge this status quo deserve to be praised and supported especially by those fortunate ones who enjoy the privilege of low-cost and universal healthcare.

DGB can provide anyone with an easy and, most importantly, fast way to transfer funds to a healthcare charity of their choice. Organizations such as The International Red Cross can benefit from DigiByte donations thanks to the speed of DGB transactions which are 40x quicker than Bitcoin ones. Thus, through the means of DGB transactions, the organization will be able to receive much-needed donations without delays.



The gradually worsening environmental situation across the entire globe and major climate changes force more people and organizations to reconsider many of their daily activities and habits.

Charities that promote the protection of the environment play a significant role in preventing abuse of global ecosystems and educating people on how to make greener decisions in their lives.The small carbon footprint of DGB, which, despite being a proof-of-work currency, does not consume as much power as Bitcoin, is a considerable selling point for charities wanting to explore the territory of crypto donations. Greenpeace is one such charity that can maintain its commitment to saving nature while still accepting crypto donations using DGB.



There are also non-profits that make education more accessible to children and adults around the world. The continuous growth of global literacy can be largely attributed to the efforts of charities that assume the responsibility to teach the most deprived and disadvantaged individuals in developing countries.

Build Africa is a prominent example of a charity that aims at addressing the problem of lack of education in Africa. DGB donations can help charities such as Build Africa to achieve a top degree of transparency since information about DGB transactions is publicly available. Thus, charities can allow their donors to see all of their financial activities.

Hunger relief

Hunger relief

Addressing the causes and effects of hunger is essential to end this century-old problem. Despite all the technological advancements of the past decades, we still have not discovered effective solutions for ending global hunger. This is why it is crucial that we support organizations such as Action Against Hunger in their effort to save people and provide them with proper nutrition.

DGB donations can enable hunger relief charities to receive larger contributions by reducing the size of processing fees. It costs only several cents to send the DGB coin, so it lets charities get more money.

Disaster relief

Disaster relief

Natural disasters are something that people cannot prevent and therefore must be ready to handle whenever they arise, reducing the number of victims and helping those affected to recover quickly. Direct Relief has years of experience responding to large-scale emergencies worldwide.

It has ready-made solutions that help address the needs of vulnerable communities before and after disaster strikes. DGB is a coin that can provide organizations like Direct Relief with the power of community when it is needed most. The DigiByte cryptocurrency is held by more than a million people, who will be glad to support charity work using their favorite coin.

Why DGB crypto donations are a great choice?

Low fees

All forms of money transfers come with fees. As a result, everyone is always looking for methods to minimize them. The world-class performance of the DigiByte network translates into swift transactions and minimal transaction costs. Reduced costs could drive your donors to make contributions more actively. In essence, having reduced transaction costs can increase your income. Compared to DigiByte, conventional contribution methods are significantly more expensive. Just try comparing the average cost of a DGB cryptocurrency transaction to the fees imposed by donation processing businesses.

Fast transaction processing

DGB transactions may be sent significantly more quickly than BTC or ETH. Most blockchains are outclassed by DigiByte in terms of transaction speed, particularly those that employ the Proof-of-Work algorithm.

Charities are especially in need of donations that can be handled promptly. Donations should ideally be instantaneous so that charities can instantly put money to use.  DGB transactions get completed within a few seconds. Thus, DGB can help non-profits to avoid significant delays in their donations.

Peer-to-peer transactions

DGB donations are advantageous for charities because they are completely peer-to-peer and there are no middlemen between the two transaction participants. Consequently, charities that receive DGB donations have immediate access to their money the minute it enters their wallet. There are also no caps on how much you can withdraw, which are present in the case of conventional donation processing services. With the DGB crypto, you have the option to take your money out whenever you want and exchange it for whatever currency you like.

Globally accessible

DGB donations can function as an all-purpose solution because it is permissionless, and, therefore, accessible to everyone worldwide. There is no KYC process in place on the DigiByte network, therefore DGB transactions can be sent to and received from any location on the planet.

Charities can allow a bigger number of individuals to donate to them by accepting DGB donations. In essence, DigiByte cryptocurrency donations are a simple way of attracting new donors and facilitating the entire donation procedure for them.

New donors

For the DigiByte community, who appreciate discovering new applications for their currency, it is always thrilling to come across novel ways of using DGB. There are over a million DGB owners, as was already reported. Accepting DGB donations might draw a sizable portion of these people to the causes promoted by the charity. There’s a probability that several DGB owners out of the million will give some of their DGB coins to the charity. Additionally, if some of them will find the charity’s vision and goals important, they may begin to make regular donations.

How to accept DGB coin donations

There are several tools available to charities wanting to get DGB donations. They can use a crypto donations button which makes the process of sending DGB donations effortless.

Charities that have their websites or blogs can deploy a DGB donation widget.

Charities with accounts on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other similar platforms can receive DGB donations by using a simple link.

  • Create a NOWPayments account here.
  • Enter your DigiByte public address.
  • Generate your API key.
  • Go to the settings and choose your preferred way of receiving DigiByte donations.


DigiByte donations are quick, low-cost, and universal. Accept DGB crypto donations using NOWPayments.

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