How to get recurring payments with Horizen coin?

It’s hard to imagine another cryptocurrency providing as powerful a combination of efficiency and decentralization as Horizen. It is simply on another level when it comes to throughput and transaction costs, which makes it a superior payment solution. Companies that entertain the idea of deploying crypto payments without suffering any extra expenses, therefore, must definitely turn their gaze in the direction of Horizen, because it is nearly impossible to find a better alternative. NOWPayments lets businesses and services accept Horizen crypto Recurring Invoicing payments. Using the Recurring Invoicing tool, you now can get paid in ZEN on a regular basis.

How to get recurring payments with Horizen coin?

Key points:

  • ZEN is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.
  • ZEN payments are efficient and sustainable.
  • Receive Recurring Invoices in ZEN using NOWPayments’ Recurring Invoicing feature.

What is Horizen crypto?

Horizen is not your average blockchain. In fact, it is an advanced interoperable blockchain ecosystem run by Horizen Labs. Its infrastructure is supported by the largest and most decentralized multi-tiered node infrastructure in crypto. Horizen’s operations are powered by its native token ZEN. The ZEN cryptocurrency has a total supply of 21,000,000 coins and possesses an incredible feature of extra private transactions thanks to Horizen’s use of the zk-SNARKs technology.

Pros and cons of Horizen payments

Horizen delivers an excellent punch of high throughput and top-notch privacy, without compromising the security and safety of the network. Therefore, ZEN is by far the best choice you can make when it comes to accepting crypto payments. By featuring ZEN token payments, businesses can accelerate transactions, slash expenses, and offer unmatched anonymity to clients. Let’s explore the key advantages of Horizen in detail.



Horizen crypto is anonymous

Unlike most blockchains, Horizen takes an additional step toward providing users with obfuscation by allowing them to use special Z-Addresses. These addresses are called shielded. Unlike the standard addresses which are anonymous but transparent, Z-addresses employ zero-knowledge cryptography to completely conceal the sender, receiver, and amount transferred.


Horizen crypto is efficient

Horizen transactions are extremely efficient since they are fast and inexpensive at the same time. The blockchain has a massive throughput and is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second.

As a result, an average ZEN payment can reach a business offering ZEN subscriptions almost instantly. There is also no premium cost involved for the quick processing, as ZEN transaction fees usually cost below one cent.


Horizen crypto is sustainable

Unlike major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Horizen has a negligible impact on the environment. It does use the power-intensive Proof-of-Work protocol which lets it operate without leaving a gargantuan carbon footprint behind. Featuring Horizen crypto payments enables businesses to become greener and more environment-friendly, as well as to decrease their contribution to climate change.


Price Fluctuations

ZEN is not a stablecoin which means that it can occasionally be subject to stark changes in its price due to the market swinging back and forth. Luckily, thanks to NOWPayments’ auto-conversion feature, you can avoid this problem and simply automatically convert your ZEN payments to fiat to avoid price fluctuations.

Scale of Adoption

Although Horizen outperforms Bitcoin by a wide margin in terms of efficiency, it still lacks the sheer scale of adoption boasted by Bitcoin. Nevertheless, Horizen still has a large community of investors and holders who enjoy using ZEN and will be glad to support businesses offering payments in ZEN.

How do I accept Horizen as a recurring payment?

The Recurring Invoicing feature provided by NOWPayments enables businesses, services, or individuals to collect Recurring Invoices in Horizen and other cryptocurrencies from an unlimited number of people. It allows you to adjust the intervals at which your customers will receive Recurring invoices via email asking them to pay for their subscription. You are free to configure each invoice or simply apply the same terms to an entire batch of invoices. You can cancel subscriptions at any moment. Additionally, you can automatically convert all of the crypto payments you collect to fiat using NOWPayments’ auto-conversion feature.

In order to deploy Recurring Invoices, you will simply need to use NOWPayments’s here are the instructions:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Provide your payout address.
  3. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  4. Set up a recurring payments plan.


The ZEN cryptocurrency will fit perfectly in your business’s list of payment methods. Deploy ZEN coin Recurring Invoicing via NOWPayments.

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