How Horizen crypto makes your business sustainable

How Horizen crypto makes your business sustainable

Horizen is known to the majority of crypto enthusiasts as a network with an industry-leading infrastructure delivering incredible efficiency to users. This is why Horizen is the go-to option for so many crypto projects that value true decentralization and privacy. Yet, Horizen also dominates the crypto sphere in terms of sustainability. Horizen is a green blockchain that minimizes its carbon footprint through its technology. The ZEN coin, the native cryptocurrency of Horizen, can propel organizations to embrace environment-friendly conduct. NOWPayments assists businesses in accepting Horizen crypto payments and donations.

Key points:

  • ZEN is a sustainable cryptocurrency.
  • You can use ZEN to send salaries in an eco-friendly manner.
  • NOWPayments facilitates ZEN payments and donations for businesses and individuals.

What is ZEN crypto?

The Horizen global platform focuses on the delivery of tools for developers. It enables them to build custom private and public blockchains. Horizen’s potential throughput is staggering 10,000,000 transactions per second. At the same time, Horizen relies on a robust and secure public infrastructure enhanced with multiple security layers. Horizen Labs is the most efficient and cost-effective way to deploy a programmable blockchain with privacy options. The ZEN coin has a supply of 21,000,000 coins. The Horizen coin is a versatile asset that can be used both as an investment tool and a payment method.

Ways your business gets green with ZEN token

Integrate green salaries in ZEN

ntegrate green salaries in ZEN

The ZEN blockchain has an exemplary infrastructure that delivers the highest level of efficiency. As a result, ZEN transactions do not consume much electricity. This makes ZEN a green asset that can be transferred around without any significant impact on the environment. Businesses that care about the world around them can switch to ZEN as a salary method.

By sending ZEN salaries, businesses will be able to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also facilitate the entire process. ZEN can be transferred anonymously, without registration, and to any place on the planet. Such features make ZEN one of the most convenient solutions for paying salaries.

Feature a sustainable payment method

Feature a sustainable payment method

At the same time, ZEN can be used as a payment method. Your company can get paid in ZEN coins. Many consumers nowadays always try to go for the products of companies that pay attention to the environment. This is why the market for sustainable goods and services has been growing so rapidly over the past years. Thanks to ZEN, any business can jump on this bandwagon by offering their clients a sustainable payment method in the form of ZEN. NOWPayments features several tools for deploying a ZEN payment gateway. Do your part in fighting climate change and switch to a sustainable payment option.

Build an eco-friendly app

Build an eco-friendly app

Horizen is a blockchain built primarily to address the needs of crypto projects. This is why it presents practically unlimited opportunities for developers who want to create their own decentralized applications or full-blown blockchains. Your company also can try tapping into the power of Horizen and develop your own app. You will need to use the ZEN token as a utility coin to fuel your application. You can utilize your eco-friendly dapp for different purposes. For instance, you can create a ZEN-powered on-chain game to gamify the shopping experience for your customers. This can potentially drive your sales up.

Decarbonize your supply chain

Decarbonize your supply chain

If you are not well-versed in decentralized applications or simply want to avoid the hassle of building an application from scratch you can use ZEN as a means of payment within your supply chain network. Every business has a variety of partners up and down its supply chain. You can offer these partners to rely on ZEN instead of fiat money. ZEN can enable you and your partners to decarbonize the entire supply chain and ensure better sustainability. Moreover, given that ZEN is a borderless currency, it can greatly facilitate logistics and free you from the burden of making international money transfers when dealing with foreign partners.

Mint your own green token

Mint your own green token TokenMint

Finally, Horizen is a versatile blockchain and it enables users to not only deploy their own applications but also to issue their custom cryptocurrencies. TokenMint is a platform that lets anyone launch their tokens based on the Horizen network quickly and easily. Businesses can use their green tokens as rewards for clients. The holders of these tokens may be eligible for discounts or other perks. In the future, TokenMint plans on introducing NFTs, so you will be able to create your non-fungible tokens too. These elements are amazing for making shopping entertaining and engaging for your clients, at the same time, they are much greener than their physical or conventional digital alternatives.

How to accept Horizen crypto using NOWPayments

NOWPayments offers a massive selection of tools for accepting ZEN cryptocurrency in different forms. You can easily set up a Horizen (ZEN) payment gateway or feature ZEN donations. Here is the complete list of the tools you can use to get or send ZEN:


Use NOWPayments to get paid in ZEN, receive ZEN donations, or send ZEN payments and salaries.

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