Ways to make your business grow with Robo Inu

A new trend gaining traction among crypto projects implies offering actual monetary rewards to all token holders. Robo Inu is one of the upcoming coins that offers exactly that. In other words, Robo Inu investors are incentivized to hold their $RBIF tokens via special rewards. Robo Inu Finance is not stopping there and is constantly growing its product portfolio. The ambitious plan of Robo Inu has enabled it to build a vast community. Businesses that already accept or wish to accept crypto payments can extract a lot of value from offering the Robo Inu community an opportunity to make RBIF payments.

Ways to make your business grow with Robo Inu

Key points:

  • RBIF is the native token of Robo Inu.
  • RBIF transactions are peer-to-peer, private, and free of chargebacks.
  • Get paid in RBIF via NOWPayments.

How RBIF token benefits your company?


RBIF token payments are secure

Organizations may ensure financial control with the aid of Robo Inu. The majority of firms choose to handle their payment processing through banks. However, this method has the drawback of granting control over the company’s funds to a third party. Such a way of managing money is flawed, as it entails significant threats.

Businesses won’t be able to get their funds back, for instance, if a bank suffers a run and is forced to file for bankruptcy. Users of RBIF can avoid all of these issues by simply storing their assets in a non-custodial wallet. These wallets are shielded from outside influence. Users, therefore, continue to be the exclusive owners of their cryptocurrency. All wallets also have robust security features that guard against hacking and other illegal actions.


RBIF token payments are private

For contemporary customers, privacy is an important consideration. People start to appreciate their online privacy more as they become more proficient in terms of tech. Most companies are unable to provide customers with a secure way of making payments, yet they can easily do it thanks to Robo Inu.

RBIF users can conduct transactions while maintaining complete confidentiality because Robo Inu does not gather any personal information about them. Basically, the RBIF token can assist consumers in avoiding personal information disclosure.

Chargeback fraud resistant

RBIF token payments protect you from chargeback fraud

The immunity to chargebacks that RBIF offers to firms is another feature beneficial for merchants. It is a well-known fact that chargeback fraud remains a top concern for businesses. Most banks provide a chargeback mechanism that fraudsters may exploit to steal large sums of money from businesses.

To solve this problem, businesses should use RBIF payments as a chargeback-free payment choice. Transactions made via Robo Inu cannot be undone. Therefore, if you make a RBIF transaction, there are no mechanisms to get your money back, apart from asking the recipient to do it. Businesses that accept Robo Inu never lose their hard-earned money.


RBIF token payments are efficient

Robo Inu also can boast a fast transaction speed, as its transactions only take a few minutes. The performance of RBIF transactions is noticeably better than that of bank transfers. Businesses that rely on banks to process their money transfers often suffer from delays and high costs associated with these transfers.

Thankfully, the Robo Inu coin has much to offer to merchants in terms of efficiency. As a result, RBIF transactions always reach their destinations quickly and without extra costs. Of course, there is a tax levied on all RBIF buy/sell transactions, but it is quite negligible.

Peer-to-peer and unlimited transactions

RBIF token payments are peer-to-peer and limitless

Robo Inu transactions are peer-to-peer. In other words, there are only two parties involved in them, the sender and the recipient. Basically, there are no third parties thanks to the decentralization offered by blockchain technology. Additionally, RBIF transactions are unlimited.

Since there is no single authority controlling all transactions, there is simply no one to stop or limit blockchain operations. Therefore, users can send and accept RBIF at any moment which is especially useful for companies that wish to collect payments for their goods 24/7 and all year round.

So… what should I do to accept RBIF?

Businesses and individuals can accept RBIF coin payments using these tools:

Here is a guide on how an RBIF Payment Link can be created:

  1. Step 1. Register a NOWPayments account.
So… what should I do to accept RBIF?
  1. Step 2: Enter your public RBIF crypto address.
So… what should I do to accept RBIF?
  1. Step 3: Press “Create payment link.”
So… what should I do to accept RBIF?
  1. Step 4: Enter the details of your payment link and click “Confirm.”
So… what should I do to accept RBIF?
  1. Step 5: You will receive a payment link that your clients will be able to use by simply scanning its QR code.
So… what should I do to accept RBIF?


Robo Inu is an excellent crypto payment solution. NOWPayments is ready to assist companies in accepting Robo Inu token payments.

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