How to accept LEASH payments and convert it to fiat?

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is known to millions of people around the world, including those who have never owned crypto. The success of Shiba Inu can be attributed to the highly-competent team behind the project, who managed to come up with great promotional ideas. In order to advance Shiba Inu forward, the team introduced ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange of the project. LEASH is one of the key elements of ShibaSwap and the new ecosystem of Shiba Inu. LEASH is a token that enables users to earn rewards and provides businesses with incredible opportunities. For instance, businesses can accept $LEASH crypto payments. NOWPayments makes it possible for merchants to charge clients in LEASH and get paid in fiat.

 LEASH is a token that enables users to earn rewards and provides businesses with incredible opportunities. For instance, businesses can accept $LEASH crypto payments. NOWPayments makes it possible for merchants to charge clients in LEASH and get paid in fiat.

Key points:

What is Leash token?

Initially, LEASH was intended as a rebase token, but later the idea was rejected, and the rebase function of the token was deactivated. The LEASH cryptocurrency is the second most important token in the ecosystem. It has a small total supply of only 107,646 tokens. This makes LEASH an extremely rare asset which drives its price forward. As mentioned previously, LEASH is one of the elements of ShibaSwap. The ShibaSwap exchange provides Shiba users with an opportunity to trade assets and benefit from the ecosystem. LEASH staking on ShibaSwap offers lucrative rewards for the holders providing their liquidity. For instance, for staking, LEASH owners get xLEASH rewards.

Advantages of LEASH crypto payments

Community support

Community support

The Shiba Inu community is among the largest ones in the industry. There are more than one million people who engage with the products of the ecosystem. LEASH is owned by thousands of investors who use it for different purposes.

While some LEASH owners prefer to hold their coins in their wallets, others enjoy actually spending their tokens on things.

Businesses can provide LEASH crypto owners with a chance to put their coins to use and exchange them for products and services. At the same time, by featuring LEASH payments, businesses open themselves to the entire massive Shiba Inu community and turn its members into potential customers.

Unlimited Transactions

Unlimited Transactions

LEASH transactions do not have any caps or limits. For instance, users can make an unlimited number of transactions. Additionally, the sums that can be transferred over the blockchain are also not subject to any restrictions. This stands in striking contrast to the banking industry, which always imposes strict limits on money transfers.

Most importantly, LEASH transactions are borderless and can be made from and sent to any place on the planet. So, businesses can use LEASH as a universal payment method available to all clients.

Easy integration

Easy integration

It is also quite easy to integrate LEASH payments. Since LEASH does not require users to register or undergo a Know-Your-Customer procedure, a business can start accepting LEASH in a matter of minutes.

Everything a company needs to deploy a LEASH payment gateway is to install a crypto wallet and generate a pair of keys.

The ease of integration makes LEASH a highly-scalable payment solution that can be deployed by any business. Similarly, consumers also will not have any problem paying using LEASH. The LEASH coins are available on ShibaSwap and a host of other exchanges, so it is fairly easy to get hold of them.

High-grade security

High-grade security

Security has always been an important factor in blockchain technology. LEASH exists on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the most secure networks out there. Additionally, LEASH can be stored in non-custodial wallets, which are not subject to the influence of external actors.

In other words, by keeping LEASH tokens in a non-custodial wallet, users remain the sole owners of their cryptocurrency. By accepting LEASH payments, businesses can be in complete control over their crypto funds and be able to use them at any moment in ways they deem appropriate.

Investment potential

Investment potential

Finally, LEASH is potentially the most powerful token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and one which has the best chance of experiencing a radical value increase. LEASH is a rare token which causes its value to be, on average higher than that of SHIB. Additionally, LEASH is always in demand since people use it to earn rewards.

Businesses that decide to feature LEASH payments can use the LEASH coins they receive as an investment asset. Once LEASH’s price hits its all-time high, businesses can sell the asset at a high profit.

So…how to accept LEASH as payment and get fiat

NOWPayments is a service that helps businesses and people to set up a LEASH token crypto payment gateway. Moreover, it enables merchants to convert LEASH token payments they receive to fiat automatically. NOWPayments works in partnership with Switchere, a trusted and reliable crypto exchange, to bring the auto-conversion feature to clients. Thanks to Switchere, businesses that use NOWPayments can now exchange their LEASH tokens for fiat directly without any intermediary transactions.

Follow these steps to start charging clients in LEASH and getting paid in fiat:

  1. Create an account on NOWPayments’ official website here.
  2. Provide your LEASH crypto address.
  3. Generate your API key.
  4. Choose your tool for accepting crypto payments. Check out the list of the available options here.
  5. Go to the “Fiat Withdrawals” page on the left sidebar of your account.
  6. On the “Fiat Withdrawals” page, you will be asked to register on Switchere.
  7. Switchere will require your business to undergo the Know-Your-Business procedure, which involves presenting documentation about your company to the service.
  8. Once Switchere approves your account, go back to the “Fiat Withdrawals” page.
  9. There, provide your business information for NOWPayments to make crypto-to-fiat conversion available to you.
  10. Finally, you will be able to charge your clients in LEASH coin and receive the final payment in fiat.


LEASH is a rare token and an integral part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. NOWPayments lets businesses accept LEASH as a payment. Additionally, businesses can charge clients in LEASH and get paid in fiat.

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