How to accept LEASH crypto

The canine family of cryptocurrencies has been disrupting the crypto industry for several years now. LEASH is the new project of the Shiba Inu coin team, forming a decentralized ecosystem alongside SHIB and BONE. This coin is not only an investment opportunity but also an excellent currency for using as a means of payment. 

Key Points:

How to accept LEASH crypto
  • The LEASH coin is a highly-valuable token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.
  • LEASH can be staked, as well as used as a payment.
  • NOWPayments offers a variety of tools for accepting LEASH in the form of payments and donations. 

What is LEASH crypto?

What is LEASH crypto

LEASH is a key token of the SHIB’s ecosystem, offering substantial rewards for liquidity providers using the SHIB’s Doggy DAO. LEASH, as opposed to SHIB, is a less common asset since there were only 107,647 tokens minted. LEASH owners have a chance to earn actual interest by staking their coins (burying them) and getting xLEASH, a share of the staking pool, in return. A very low supply of LEASH, as well as the fact that it gets burned for example when a new listing happens on ShibaSwap, makes it unique

Due to its rarity, LEASH is a token that has an incredibly high price that has been growing steadily since its release. However, the current market cap is lower than that of SHIB and BONE. As of November 2021, LEASH’s value stood at more than $4k, and it seems that it still has not reached its ceiling.

Moreover, LEASH serves as the exclusive token for Shiboshis (Shiba games NFTs) alongside a special feature with the upcoming Shiba games (Oshiverse) — only LEASH holders could buy Shiboshis NFTs in the first 24 hours. Another interesting feature of LEASH is that it might become the governance token for SHI, a stablecoin that is coming in the future. The biggest advantage of LEASH is the ShibArmy, an impressive community of crypto investors who support the Shiba Inu ecosystem. 

LEASH’s utility case will be an essential part of Shiba Incubator that will give more autonomy for businesses that want to use crypto currencies as a form of payment. 

How to accept LEASH?

NOWPayments provides several reliable tools for merchants as well as non-profit organizations and individuals for accepting cryptocurrencies.

How to accept LEASH

In order to start accepting LEASH, you first need to sign up on NOWPayments’ official website.

How to accept LEASH

Once you have registered an account, you can sign in.

After opening your account for the first time, you will need to specify your deposit address for LEASH or any other coin you would like to accept.

Next, you will need to generate your unique API key, which will enable the system to process your payments.

Issue leash invoice

Now you are ready to accept LEASH. For instance, you can issue a crypto invoice by going to the “Invoices” section.

Create a PoS terminal for accepting 

Additionally, you can create a Point-of-Sale terminal and accept LEASH with its help.

Create a LEASH donation link

Moreover, if you are a streamer or a blogger, you can generate a LEASH coin donations link for your audience.


LEASH is a cryptocurrency which is set to have a great future, especially if the members of ShibArmy will contribute to the creation of additional use cases for the token. Merchants and non-profit organizations that wish to support the Shiba Inu ecosystem can accept LEASH using NOWPayments’ tools.