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Donation buttons

Donation buttons

The donation button is a simple donation widget you can add to your website to receive crypto donations. Simply paste the code and your visitors will be able to donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins. After visitors click the cryptocurrency donation button, a page will where they confirm the crypto donation. NOWPayments supports many coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many more.

How to Receive Donations Online?

Setting up the donation button is simple:

NOWPayments offer a non-custodial approach to transactions. The service doesn’t hold your funds as they are sent directly to your wallet. Styling the donation button is as simple as changing the link to the image in the code below!

Where to Get Crypto Donations?

Visitors are happy to donate Bitcoin and other coins to support their favorite content. Let’s check out platforms where you can place a cryptocurrency donation button!

Accept Donations on a Website

Owning your own website is great because adding a donation button is easy and quick.
Simply paste the code above anywhere in the source code of your website. Now, you can manage the donation button like any other hyperlink.

Accept Donations on Twitch

Adding a donation button for Twitch consists of the following steps:

Accept Donations on Facebook, YouTube, and Other Services

Facebook and YouTube are famous platforms where users create amazing content. Adding a donation button for Facebook or YouTube is challenging, but you can share the link to get donations on many other services.

How to Donate Crypto With Our Donation Button?

Upon opening the link, a page will appear where they can enter their crypto wallet, the desired cryptocurrency, and the donation amount. They can donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any supported coin.

API key

To get your API key:

Error message

  1. 1. Specify your API Key
  2. 2. Copy code to your web site
  3. 3. Accept crypto donations
Crypto donation button by NOWPayments
Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin donation button by NOWPayments

Choose the button style


About NOWPayments

One more thing that you need to know is that NOWPayments is a non-custodial service. What does that mean? It means we do not hold your funds – you receive whatever you’re being sent right to your wallet. Are you convinced yet? In case of any complications, you are more than welcome to contact our support team at [email protected].

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