Happy 5th Birthday, NOWPayments! Memorable Moments in One Article

Today is a special day as we celebrate NOWPayments Birthday! 🎂 It’s been an incredible journey filled with milestones, achievements, and countless moments of innovation. As we reflect on the past year, we’re thrilled to share some of our proudest accomplishments.

Year in Numbers

1. 70,000+ Sign-Ups. More and more partners from different industries, such as casinos, trading platforms, gaming, adult platforms, e-commerce, marketplaces, and charity have become a part of our community. We’re grateful for your interest, with over 70,000 sign-ups, showcasing the trust and confidence placed in NOWPayments.

2. 70+ New Coins and Tokens listed. Continuously expanding our offerings, we’ve added over 70 new coins and tokens, bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies for seamless transactions.

Among them are more than 20 stablecoins listed, as we understand its importance for businesses and individuals. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their market value to some external asset to keep a stable value. The most popular kind of stablecoins are fiat-backed ones, which are tied to currencies such as the U.S. dollar.

Stablecoins are efficient thanks to blockchain technology and are not subject to massive fluctuations as fiat currencies. The special set of features offered by stablecoins can be particularly useful to companies. Read more about stablecoin advantages in our blog.

Let’s recall stablecoins listed on NOWPayments this year:

By accepting stablecoins, businesses can avoid the volatility risks associated with other cryptocurrencies and benefit from instant settlements. 

3. 15+ Website Pages. Our website has grown to include more than 15 pages, providing comprehensive information and solutions for businesses across various sectors.

For instance, NOWPayments has revolutionized the registration process for businesses from different industries, including casinos, trading platforms, gaming, adult platforms, e-commerce, marketplaces, etc.

With a focus on streamlining operations and improving user experience, NOWPayments provides customized payment solutions to cater the specific needs of each industry. Let’s recall some of them.

For the Gaming Industry we’ve enhanced security through non-custodial payment solutions, provided customizable API for seamless integration as well as custom solutions including sub-accounts, permanent addresses, and real-time payment alerts.

For the Casino Industry we implemented tailored solutions such as user management, optimized deposit processes, and instant payment notifications. We streamlined user onboarding with simplified KYC requirements for deposits up to €700.

For Forex and Trading Platforms we added customizable payment solutions for seamless integration, support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies to cater to diverse investment preferences, single API for managing financial operations, monitoring account performance, and receiving payouts. 

For NOWPayments the security of our partners’ customers is paramount. That’s why we continuously strive to enhance security measures, ensuring that our clients and their customers can conduct transactions with confidence. Our commitment to ongoing improvement in security protocols underscores our dedication to providing a safe and trustworthy environment for every client in each industry.

4. From April 2023 to April 2024, NOWPayments facilitated an impressive 3,329,474 successful cryptocurrency payments on our platform. This significant milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to providing seamless and reliable payment solutions for our clients and partners. As we reflect on this achievement, we are inspired to continue pushing boundaries and innovating in the realm of crypto payments.

Accept crypto payments for your business right now to experience the convenience and efficiency of cryptocurrency payments firsthand. Together, let’s shape the future of safe crypto payments!

Year in Features

We’ve rolled out numerous exciting features, making payment processing easier and more efficient than ever before. From dashboard updates for enhanced merchant convenience to streamlined invoice payments via MetaMask and WalletConnect, we’re constantly striving to improve the user experience.

Email Subscriptions.

This innovative tool is perfect for e-commerce businesses and any type of projects that sell subscriptions. It allows them to set up and manage subscription plans and accept recurring crypto payments. With this service, partners can customize payment settings to suit their business needs, automate the invoicing and collection process, and receive payments directly into their wallets swiftly, often within five minutes. This feature is designed to streamline subscription-based transactions, making them more accessible and efficient for businesses operating with cryptocurrencies. And it comes with fiat!

Billing Optimization.

We also rolled out and then introduced several optimization rounds for a robust billing mechanism. This functionality allows you to create customer balances in the API, create your plan and add those customers to it. Behold true automatization!

Fixes, Optimization, Acceleration.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work implementing fixes, optimizing performance, and accelerating our platform’s capabilities. Check it out by using NOWPayments to accept crypto payments! Here are 2 cool fixes:

  1. We reduced the minimum payment amount, which means – micropayments here we come!
  2. We expanded our fiat offerings by partnering with more fiat providers. So your customer base can expand with us – allow them to pay in fiat and accept crypto!

New Partners

Over this year, NOWPayments has forged strong partnerships with a multitude of entities, forming a robust network that contributes to its thriving ecosystem.

1. One of the brightest collaborations occurred with Sensay, a platform designed to build lifelike AI Digital Replicas using blockchain technology to retain ownership and monetization for users. In March 2024 NOWPayments and Sensay announced partnership, aimed to enhance accessibility and provide users with advanced payment options. This initiative is a significant step towards embracing digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Our collaboration is a strategic move towards financial innovation and inclusivity. By adopting cryptocurrency payments, Sensay is positioned at the forefront of the digital economy, ready to meet the evolving needs of users.

2. This year was a true Casino Season, as we collaborated with lots of gambling platforms. One of them was Betaltcoins, an online casino that was developed to enjoy online gambling. The partnership of Betaltcoins and NOWPayments allows gamblers around the world to have fun safely.

The other partner, OasisClub, provides a vibrant and dynamic gaming environment for enthusiasts. With NOWPayments onboard, OasisClub users can now enjoy seamless transactions, making their gaming experience even more enjoyable!

Our next partner, TON Poker, is the first Telegram poker room on TON. And the integration of the NOWPayments tools makes the gambling process even easier for users.

3. Getting money for watching videos? Why not! With our partner Cheelee this became real. Cheelee is a social network and short video platform where users get money for watching and creating video content. Our partnership with this platform enabled safe and quick withdrawal of your earnings. 

NOWPayment Shoutouts

Over the past year, NOWPayments has garnered attention from prestigious publications and platforms, highlighting our dedication to advancing the world of cryptocurrency payments.We are proud that more and more renowned platforms cover NOWPayments activities. So we’ve prepared a compilation of the most interesting publications about us.

1. Forbes, renowned for its insightful business analysis, honored NOWPayments in their article “Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Of 2024,” reaffirming our position as a leading cryptocurrency payment platform for customization. 

2. In another article “Four Ways Blockchain Can Make Businesses More Efficient And Profitable,” Forbes showcasted our role in revolutionizing business operations through blockchain technology.

3. Cryptodaily, a trusted source for cryptocurrency news and reviews, published a comprehensive review titled “NOWPayments Review: Unlocking The Power Of Crypto Payments,” recognizing our platform’s ability to unleash the potential of crypto payments.

4. Mpost, a leading platform focusing on future trends and innovations, included NOWPayments in their “A 2024 Spotlight – Best Crypto Payment Gateways,” emphasizing our commitment to providing top-notch payment solutions, user-friendly interface, competitive fee structure.  

5. Bitcoinist, a prominent cryptocurrency news outlet, listed NOWPayments among the “Best Crypto Payment Gateways 2024,” acknowledging our platform’s excellence in facilitating crypto transactions.


As we blow out the candles on another year of growth and innovation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our users, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in NOWPayments’ success.

We recognize the importance of staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies to provide seamless, secure, and reliable payment solutions. Therefore, we pledge to invest in research and development to enhance the functionality and usability of our platform.

Furthermore, crypto payment security remains a top priority for us. We understand the critical need for robust security measures to safeguard the interests and assets of our clients and partners. In line with this commitment, we will continue to implement cutting-edge security protocols and regularly update our systems to mitigate risks and ensure the highest level of protection.

Our promise to you is one of continual growth, improvement, and dedication to excellence. Together, we will navigate the complexities of the digital economy with confidence, trust, and reliability.

Here’s to another year of revolutionizing the world of payments! 🚀🎉